Saturday, October 31, 2015

Everybody Scream-It's Halloween!

Everybody shout and scream!
Everybody make a scene!
It's Halloween!
It's Halloween!

The Fine Print: Since I didn't buy any candy this year I'll just have to offer any trick or treaters shots of liquor instead.  That's both a treat and a trick in one!  Witch and greeting chipboard from K&Co.


butterfly said...

Love your witch peering into the cauldron - how does she keep her complexion so perfect? - Is it what's in the cauldron?

Looking forward to hearing tales of drunken trick or treaters round your way... Happy Halloween!
Alison xx

Bad Kitty said...

great card!

Krisha said...

CUTE card.
I'll be by more than once if your offering shots........;))

Craftychris said...

Cool card! Shots of liquor sound good to me! xxx

Leslie Hanna said...

One year my dad took us around dressed in a mumu (moo-moo?), shot glass in hand. People actually offered to fill it. I think the kids need it more, though, after all that sugar.

Carol L said...!! It seems every time I walk into my garage, I walk into a bunch of cobwebs like the background on your card! Hah! Fun witchy-poo too! Happy Halloween!

Bonnie said...

This is a wonderful, scary witch! Some witches brew might be fun for trick or treaters!

Greta said...

Such a cute card! Hopefully you didn't have any kiddos show up or I'm sure you'd have angry parents knocking down your door--haha! It was miserable here, so very few ventured out.

chrissy xx said...

Bring out the drink!
Candy make me fat..
LOve your little witch stirring up the gruel.