Friday, February 6, 2015

Well. Nuts!

Do you like snail mail? I do and have been a fan of it since I was little.  I have a couple of pen pals and friends I exchange cards and letters with.  There is nothing like opening the mailbox and finding myself loved.

Of course to get mail you have to send mail.  I'm terribly inconsistent about it no matter what my good intentions are.  But when I do get on a tear I'll send out mail to several people at once.  Then I sit back and think to myself how over the next few weeks I'll find good things in my mailbox.

But it never works that way! Nope, everyone will answer me on the same day.  I mean it is great to find several envelopes in the box all at once for me, but it does mean it is either feast or famine.
Nuts. It didn't work out like I planned.
It isn't just personal correspondence either.  If I order stuff on-line from different vendors and on different dates somehow it all arrives in one fell swoop all together.

The Fine Print: Sometimes I suspect a postal employee conspiracy--the delivery person holds it all until there is a big pile and then brings it to my house!  It could happen.  Stamp by Copper Leaf Creations, the rest of the stuff from my stash.


Holly AKA KopyKat said...

I love getting mail too but like you, it's hard to get it out to postal. What I like more is on line store deliveries, lol. This is so adorable. love it.

Sandy said...

I love snail mail. (My FIL is the master of snail mail. My husband and his sister still talk about the letters they got from their dad when they were at school; and when our son was little Grand-dad would send him post cards from any old random place he drove by. We never knew what we'd find the in the mailbox.)

Carol L said...

This image is hilarious, and I love how it's colored! Those staggered panels look great too! I love snail mail too, but when I surprise family members with a card I never hear from them that they received it or liked it, Sometimes you just can't win when trying to please others :)

Leslie Hanna said...

Isn't that always the way: feast or famine? I do agree all the letters and crafty shopping stuff comes at the same time. How boring.

Angie said...

Oh! This is funny! Check out those grumpy looks!

KT Fit Kitty said...

That is so true! I don't know why everything good always arrives in the mail on the same day! Your nuts card is too funny! Love your design too!

chrissy xx said...

It's Simply Nuts and I LOve it..
GOrgeous colours PJ and I LOve your papers.
I can not get into any debates about post?? My hubby delivered it for 34 year!!

Sue said...

Hi PJ sorry I have been a very bad blogger I've been really busy lately and found it hard to get round everyone's blog..your cards are fab!!! you have made some gorgeous creations..huggles Sue xxx