Friday, February 13, 2015


Adulting.  I hate it.  It gives me much angst.  Adulting is that stuff that requires you to make decisions, and arrangements, and almost always involves a financial output.  Adulting is not working, paying bills, purchasing and preparing food, or every day responsibilities.  That stuff is the cycle of life and every able bodied and minded person over the age of 20 should be able to do that.

No, adulting is when the check engine light comes on, adulting is finding the contents of the water heater all over the floor, adulting it walking with your child to the neighbors to discuss the throwing of stones, adulting is ensuring your teeth are with you for as long as possible, adulting is your dog with an oozing wound, adulting is finding a lump.  It is annoying and it interrupts your cycle of life.
Some people deal with it well, moving from one adulting incident to another with ease and aplomb, and could even be considered adulting experts.  You would consult these people when faced with an adulting situation you were unsure of.  Other people cannot cope at all with any adulting situation and wring their hands and fret until someone capable comes along and does the adulting for them.  Many of us fall into the middle ground; we fuddle along from one adulting episode to another figuring it out as we go.

My parents adulted very well.  They did not; however, teach adulting to their children.  While you can do some learning by watching an example adulting needs to be discussed, examined, and taught.  I think this lack of training is why adulting give me so much angst.  I never know if I'm on the right track.  Hey, but maybe no one knows.  Maybe we are all faking it.  All I know is I don't want to be like my siblings who won't even give adulting a try.

The Fine Print: It is Friday so toss that adulting stuff to the side and embrace your inner child instead.  Unless of course your check engine light is on, your kid or pet is sick, or your household appliances are on the blink.  In which case, happy adulting to you!  Stamps by Stampin' Up "From the Herd" and rectangle frame by Sizzix.


SARN said...

I am having a non-Adulting day thank goodness. I've been playing in my craft room most of the day, hiding from Adulting schtuff!

This SU stamp is hilarious isn't it? They all look so surprised! Great Etch A Sketch card mate.

Hugs, Sarn xxx

KT Fit Kitty said...

That's why I'm glad I never had kids! Cats are all the adulting I can handle. Your card is adorable, reminds me of an Etch-a-Sketch! Hope you have a good weekend and don't have to do much adulting!

RosA said...

Yes, that's probably why I avoided children also. It's a full-time job "adulting" just myself. And today is all mine because my husband has gone fishing.
I also thought that was a genuine Etch a Sketch which immediately catapulted me back to childhood.
Re. the Tack n Peel. The (perspex) block isn't sticky. The TnP didn't leave any sticky residue on it. And you just replace the sheet of it back on to the packaging acetate. It's supposed to be washable (but I haven't yet), so possibly cat fluff might not be a major problem? (I am familiar with cat fluff :) as my sister has two large white super fluffy cats. Their "fur" is everywhere, on the FURniture. Luckily, she is quite good at adulting so she can cope with that!)

505whimsygirl said...

I hope your adulting is under control. You've scared me a bit - hope everything is o.k. As for me, I've had my share of adulting issues since 2010, one after another! I've actually become quite good at it!
Love your card - thought it was really and etch and sketch!
Happy Valentine's Day

Darnell J Knauss said...

I hope that's not you that found a lump. That's way scarier than the other adulting schift that happens to us all on the roller coaster ride of life. Sometimes we get stuck on the ride at the bottom for too long and not often enough at the top. But, you're right, there are some turds who don't even know how to step foot on the ride. Or others who get on and break all the rules like hanging off the side and they don't seem like they ever get stuck on the bottom which isn't fair and is the subject of a whole nother adulting essay.

For what it's worth, PJ, I think your parents did a fantastic job of teaching you to adult. You may fuddle and fumble, but you do it with good humor and irony and sarcasm and that's the best kind of adulting!! Hugs, DJ

Carol L said...

Oh my gawd, this is one awesome card! I love this SU! image and putting it inside of an etch-a-sketch just adds to the fun! If this doesn't make ya smile, nothing will! I say every weekend should be free - no adulting, no parenting - just live for the moment, Wishing you a better weekend!

Leslie Hanna said...

I'm all about adulting, and am shocked by those who have zero skills, often known as "taking responsibility". I blame parents who did everything for their kids and never made them think their way out of a situation. Like that kid who got off due to affluenza, or some such nonsense. High time for him to learn, I say. /rant

Back to your card. I LOVE the etch-a-sketch look! HOW DID YOU DO THAT?!?! Because I must CASE it!

Jessi Fogan said...

A) I love this card, just brilliant
B) I am so tired of adulting it's not funny. This week I have a severely depressed teenager undergoing med roulette, a dog with an oozing wound, and I'm diabetic & just got my first foot infection. Yay. Adulting f'ing sucks right now! lol