Thursday, December 3, 2015

Grateful for You

I keep meaning to get it together enough to post cards to my blog but it just doesn't seem to happen. I swear I have a bunch of them to share. I made them over the long weekend (which wasn't long enough now that I think of it).  Here's a fall themed one I made the weekend before that.
I am grateful for you all. I am grateful that you post inspiring things on your blogs or Facebook and I am grateful that you come here to visit and leave such wonderful comments. I'm especially grateful for that last part because I haven't been too good on visiting these days. I have good intentions but seem to lack the time. One of these days my biology class will be over and then......  well, hell, I'll probably just have another class.

The Fine Print: Stamps and supplies by Stampin' Up except satin ribbon from my stash. I'll hunt up those Christmas cards I made soon. I mean real soon, after all they need to get into the mail.


Carol L said...

I'm really liking that brick wall behind this pretty image, and the stitching in white sets everything off perfectly!

LesleyG said...

We are grateful for you too, we all have times that are more challenging than the normal challenging times! Great card xxx

Squirrel x said...

I can totally sympathise with the lack of time problem .... I think someone has overwound the clock as the days are whizzing past, whoosh, there goes another, and another. Sigh. I am getting too old and creaky to try and keep up with it, so I may just find a warm, dark, corner with a cushion and a kitty in it. Mind you, the kitty will be sprawled on the cushion, snoring, so I shall just squat quietly in the dark. I have made some Christmas cards, but nowhere enough, and I have forgotten which ones I have photographed/blogged/already written. There is no hope, it really is all downhill from here. Perhaps it is a ski slope towards Spring!
Hugs xx Psst. Terrific card hun, the brick wall texture looks fab and really pushes the pretty flowers to the fore.

Leslie Hanna said...

Life is allowed to get in the way of crafting, but we don't have to like it. I hope you find your missing Christmas cards in time to mail them!

MaryH said...

I'm grateful you posted this pretty fall card so that I could enjoy it this evening. (I don't have a biology class & I still get behind on visiting! So just visit when you can & take some time to enjoy life besides classes, cards & blogging - oh yeah, and I forgot - work too). TFS & have a wonderful - restful - wkend.

butterfly said...

So much to be grateful for... I'm grateful for the fun I always have when I do get around to visiting. Having the same difficulty with the commenting at the moment, so I'm very thankful for your recent visit over at mine - always a pleasure to hear from you, but never compulsory!!
Alison xx