Thursday, December 24, 2015

December 24

I work Christmas Eve. I know bunches of folks think that is terrible and horrible and have other places they'd much rather be, but not this girl.
 I like being at work. It's probably one of the only calm public places in town (besides DMV). It keeps me off the streets and out of the madness.
 Plus we get to go home at noon so after a token work day we can go home and still have a day with the sun still up and everything. Can't beat that with a stick.
 And if you are wondering around the amount and quality of work we accomplished today let me tell you that we were all busy beavers.  We ate first breakfast, took down Christmas decorations, had second breakfast, finished off projects, had coffee and danish, straightened paperwork, had third breakfast and are now working on our before-we-leave snack.
Actually, with the new year I get a new boss so I spent most of the day trying to get the old boss to put his stuff in boxes and git.  We can't seem to chase him out of here.  He must like us or something.

The Fine Print: Enjoy your A Muse Studio January Collection Sneak peak!!!!! 


Sandy said...

With those third breakfasts and all, you must work in Hobbittown.
These are very cheery cards.
Merry Christmas.

Carol L said...

Sounds like the kind of word day we could all use once in a while! LOL Fun cards with that cute unicorn! Have a great Christmas!

Craftychris said...

Love these cards! Unicorns are cool! So was your day at work! Have a very happy Christmas! xxx

LesleyG said...

Merry Christmas, hope you have room for some Xmas dinner! Xxx

butterfly said...

Sounds like a highly productive work day to me... and the unicorns look pretty happy too.
Alison xx