Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Favor for Dio

Hey Doods and Laydees!

It's Dio here and I gotz to tell yew sumfing that is bad news and it iz happenen to me. It iz reel bad so you laydees bedder sitted down furst. I ned a favors! My mom and my dad they chazes me arond manie times a day wif liddle wite boddles.  Then they holded me down and sqwirts liqwid into bof my ears!  Manie mani timez a day!

Den my mom she holded me down and puts a pill in my mouf! And she holds my jawz untill I swalow the pillz. Sumtimes I dunt want to so then I wont swalow and it taysts reel bad. Sumtimes I spitted out the pill and den I gits in troubles.  This happenz manie times a day to.

This is jist bad newz. I fink it meens my mom and my dad wented crazy.  I fink mabbe they dunt like me no moor. They dunt do it to my brovfers or sistors. Jist me.

So mabbe you kin rite my mom and a dad a letter and say that Dio is a gud cat and he shood git treeted reel nice and git treets to like elebenty times a day. OK? Yew kin tell them that mabbe Cindee neds sqwirts in the ears but not Dio.  Fanks!

The Fine Print: Dio is doing elebenty times better since his ear surgery.  We can tell because of how hard he fights the drops and the pills. That's all for today. He has a follow up with his doctor next week but I doubt the pills will end soon. Anywho... Tomorrow I might remember to share a card. 


Leslie Hanna said...

I do not envy you having to pill a cat, and more than once per day. I tried it with my last cat, and just never got the hang of it. You are strong people!

Carol L said...

Awww, poor Dio. I hope he feels better soon!

Bad Kitty said...

oh bu you will be better.

Sandy said...

Oh Dio, I feel so bad for you, but I know Mom is trying her darnedest to get you healthy. So you gotta swallow the silly pills...

Di said...

Aw Dio! I wud be rite there to reskew yew only it's a looooong swim, sigh.


Di xx

jimlynn said...

Bless his heart! Hope he feels better soon.

Irish Cherokee said...

My prayers go with you Dio and your mom too. I know it hurts her as much as you. Bless you PJ. Tough job.

Hugs and a TON of prayers.

SARN said...

Dio . . . bad kitty . . . take the meds and feel better soon!
Life is tough sometimes . . . deelz with it!

Cindee good kitty . . . no need pills!

Hugs, Sarn xxx

chrissy xx said...

Awhh! you poor little thing! Hope they leave you alone sooooon x
Keep your claws out! It wont help, but, you'll feel better.

LesleyG said...

Poor Dio, they loves ya and want you better, it's much harder for them, hugs all round xxx