Saturday, July 25, 2015

Too Much Kindness

I was hanging with my smaller stamp club the one day when one of the members said to me, "How come you never bring us anything you are trying to sell or give away like you do the big club?"

Well, let me tell you about this club.  After we all arrive, settle in and inquire about each others' health, the next topic of conversation is along these lines:
  • "I bought some new things I was to show you, but I really shouldn't have because I have so much stuff."
  • "I still can't get into my craft room because I have so much stuff."
  • "I wanted to bring this thing to show you, but I couldn't find it because I have so much stuff."
  • I can't believe I didn't bring anything to play with given that I have so much stuff."
I looked her in the eye and said, "Because all you guys ever talk about is how you have too much stuff!"  They assured me that would not stop them from acquiring more so the next time we got together I brought some freebie items for them to look through and take if they wanted.
Right away I encountered the second reason I don't like to bring stuff this group:
  • "Are you sure you want to get rid of this?"  Repeat this question several dozen times throughout the night, including these variations: "I'm sure you didn't mean to get rid of this." "I can't believe anyone would part with this, are you sure?" and "Do you really mean you don't want this?"
  • "Are you sure these are free?"  Repeat this question 8-10 more times.
  • "Surely you need this?"  Repeat this question several dozen times and stop calling me Shirley.
  • And then there is the invariable faux-squabble as someone comments favorably over something someone else took, making the first person try long and hard to get the second person to take it instead, while the second person insists, "Oh no, you saw it first."
I mean I get it. There is this thing called Kindness.  It is good to double check that someone meant it was free and it was supposed to be gotten rid of. However, this is the other thing called Too Fucking Much. It is so overly polite that it is rude.

The Fine Print: Stamp by Penny Black, blue dot washi by Trendy Tape (I think that means Queen & Co.), all the other stuff from my stash.  I'm selling or giving away any of the things on this card but yes, my opinion is free and I'm more than glad to share it with you!


Di said...

HUGE snort from me - so true!! Are you sure those gals aren't British?

Super card there too PJ!


Di xx

Bad Kitty said...

very pretty card
have a nice day

Sue said...

LOL PJ! totally fab blog it made me chuckle and gorgeous card! huggles Sue xx

SARN said...

I can soooo picture the scene PJ. You really made me laugh at your final paragraph. I love your fresh and funny outlook on life. You're the best.

Now, what else is up for grabs???????

Hugs, Sarn xxx

Craftychris said...

Cute, cute card! I love it! The image is gorgeous and I love the spots and stripes in the background! And incase you are wondering- I accept all freebies! Tee Hee! xxx

chrissy xx said...

Super cute image..FABulous colours too.
Would like the flowers lol..

butterfly said...

Am quietly cackling to myself... Are you sure you want to share these stories with us? Won't you need some of those italics later? I can't possibly read any more blogs tonight because there's just too much stuff.

Because I can't do it as often, I'm really enjoying my blog visiting when I do get to do some - but it had been Too Fucking Much sometimes!! Definitely having fun here...
Alison xx
Oh, and it's a cute card too - but won't you need that paper later?

Bonnie said...

People are funny sometimes. These kitties are cute though! You should keep them!

Leslie Hanna said...

Well, duh, of COURSE we could use more stuff! You need signs: YES, it's free. YES, I meant to put that in the basket. YES, it's really free. And finally: If you ask me again, I can charge you for it.

Greta said...

You share your opinion?! Maybe that's not the group for you--I know what you mean about the overly polite that gets to be just down right irritating!