Thursday, July 23, 2015

Comfy Chair

I had every intention of going to work after my torture session with the dentist on Monday morning, but on the way there I realized that wasn't a good idea given how much I hurt.

So I went home, took a pain pill and fell into unconsciousness instead (an act that was cheered on by three cats who promptly joined me [the other two could not be bothered]). Once I woke up I ignored the cats' suggestion to have another nap and decided to do some low brain crafting.

That meant fussing around with some kit cards. It turned out that these required a bit more brain power than I planned on using because they were so huge (5.25x 8"). I opted not to follow their serving suggestions and made these instead. I added in some embellishments I had lying around.  It was very productive but now that I think of it, a second nap would have been nice too.

The Fine Print: Cardstocks, toppers, and ribbon by Club Scrap "Welcome" kit.  Epoxy heart stickers and wooden signs by Freckled Fawn.


Georgiana said...

Going to the dentist sure can ruin your plans. These are pretty cool looking.

Sandy said...

Nice job with these cards, especially if you were on pain pills.
(when our cat joins someone in an I-don't-feel-good-nap, we refer to it as "playing nurse kitty")

LesleyG said...

Amazed you could craft at all, the pain you've been in. Glad you have the furry friends to comfy you. Hope you're feeling better xxx

Bonnie said...

My sympathies! Dentists can sure inflict pain and I'm sure it was too painful to concentrate on work! Your comfy, cozy chairs look more like what should be the outcome of a day at the dentist!

Leslie Hanna said...

Drugged crafting is the best! And I'm dying here, as I call them "serving suggestions" too! :)

Greta said...

I'd say you made the right decision to go home! Love having furbabies to nap with!