Tuesday, July 14, 2015

All Must Bow

Oh yeah. Hmm... I guess I am supposed to update this thing from time to time, huh? Well, here's a card I recently finished and since it has reached its destination I can share it with you.
Despite all the desk tidying and reorganization I do I've managed to constantly have the same few unfinished cards on my desk for many, many months.  I decided I should just put the darn things together already and call it done. Apologies in advance if this sets off some cataclysmic events.

This card, except for the top layer, is one I assembled with friends at a informal make and take get together.  The black bits are printed on acetate and the blue is shimmery cardstock.  The top layer was to be finished off with a stamped image of a door done up in architect/blueprint style. I felt the door was too small for the space and didn't like the look of it stamped on the shimmery paper, so I took the card home without completing it.

There it sat until I pulled it out recently.  I substituted the top piece for a non-shimmery piece and stamped one of my more collage-y stamps on it. I felt it fit the rest of the card really good so I called it done. It really was that simple.... it just took me all those months to do it.

The Fine Print: Top stamp by Stamper's Anonymous (I think), all other parts by Club Scrap. And by "months" I just might mean years.


Carol L said...

What a fun vintage card, complete with some great layering and an image worth a thousand words :)

Bonnie said...

I don't know about the door, but the prince works really well! Is he a relative, PJ?

Greta said...

Your card ended up great! I'd say your version was the way to go!