Tuesday, July 7, 2015

A Storie by Dio

Hi. My name is Dio and it haz bin too long cinse I wroted a guest column.

I waunt to tell yew a storey.  See, dere were these 3 pigs and dey all waunted to bild howses. The furst too pigs they dent waunt to werk hard so dey bilded their howses wif no bilding purmits or anyfing! They useded subpar matereals lik hay and stix.

The last pig he fallowed the rulez and got inspecshuns and purmits and he useded brix! His howse tooked a long time to bild. The uther pigs were all watching dere big skreen TeeVees and drinkin beers and dey made funs of da last pig. Finalwe the last pig got his howse all bild.

Then this big bad wulf comed up--a wulf is wik a dawg but wif pointee-er teef! This wulf he had azz-ma wik my mom doz becuz he hufted and pufted. He hufted and pufted so much dat the furst too pigses howses fell down! Dey falled rite down.
The too pigs runned ober to the last pigs howse and dey hided incide where da big bad wulf cood not find dem. The wulf cood not nock ober the last pig howse wif hiz azz-ma huffin and puffin so he wented away.

The furst too pigs dey stayed in da howse made of brix and they did nawty things wik clogging up da toylet, leaving beer kans eberywhere, brokened the washen masheen, rekked the car, and leaved trash eberywhere.

The moral of dis storee is that there will allwayz be sumbodie who dont wanna fallow the rulez and dew fings the EZ way.  Then they will expeck a bail out from da rest of us who doed fings rite. Then they will go on to rooen all the nise fings we have.

The Fine Print: The other moral to this story is don't hire lazy pigs for construction jobs.  And, no, the balloon has nothing to do with the story.  Sometimes a balloon is just a balloon.  Card stuff by Club Scrap.


Georgiana said...

I sure do like that hot air balloon. Funny cat...I think my dog would like to tell stories too.

Mrs A. said...

Hello Dio, long time no see.,I liked your storee. Do you no any meeces wuns? Hugs Mrs A.

Angie said...

Giggling all the way home!!! Good story and sadly a true one. I love the balloon! Great colors and the ribbon too! Fun!

RosA said...

A very good story Dio! With a good lesson too! Nice balloon card!

Carol L said...

Dio sure duz has a way wif words wen he sez sumthin! Cuute stowwy, and a purty bawoon cawd too! Meow!!

Squirrel x said...

Good morning Dio, and thank you for the tale. A nice reminder for anyone needing building work done - check that the builder isn't a fat pig! Loving that balloon missus. Hugs xx

Irish Cherokee said...

Love the balloon card. Very ornate and great color. Great story Gio. Unfortunately it fits this world to a tee. You are one cute kitty by the way.

Soft Scratches and Blessings

Di said...

Bwahahahahahaha, cracked me up Dio! Give yourself and PJ a hug from Parsnip and moi :)


Di xx

LesleyG said...

Fanks Dio, injoyd yer storee and itz morrel message, purrfect xxx

Craftychris said...

Ooh Dio, such a true story unfortunately! Fab balloon card too! xxx

Bonnie said...

LOL! Dio can sure tell a story! Sorry I've been a stranger. That thing called Life! Enjoying a catch up this morning. I think the balloon fits perfectly! With hanging on house guests, Pig #3 needs to get away from it all! What better way to travel? As long as the wind is blowing in the right direction!