Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Things I Don't Understand

Paper crafters use cardstock.  I mean, right?  Sure they also use text weight paper, designer paper, textured paper, vellum, mulberry, tyvek, chipboard, homemade paper, newsprint, and watercolor paper but I think we can say that the statement 'paper crafters use cardstock' is true.
So that begs the question of why don't the paper crafters in my craft group buy my cardstock when I bring some in to sell? I don't think 5-cents a sheet is highway robbery by any stretch of the imagination and I can't fathom that we all own enough cardstock to start our own paper store.
Plus, last month when we did a craft project and I offered the use of my cardstock for free, nary a sheet was left, so I know people see the value of it. Anyway I'm rearranging my craft closet and moving one of my many paper holders.  In the process I'm downsizing cardstock and hoping that the ladies actually buy it at our next meeting.  We'll see!

The Fine Print: Cards made with real cardstock! All parts by Club Scrap "Tribal." 


Irish Cherokee said...

Both cards are really great. Both are well done and the designs are excellent.

Hugs and Blessings

Sandy said...

5 cents a sheet sounds like a steal to me. (but I do probably own enough paper to start a store.)

butterfly said...

I probably own enough paper to start a store too, but that wouldn't stop me buying more at 5 cents a sheet! There are things I don't understand too... like where the heck does the time go, and what happened to April? Ah well - glad to catch these two cards - rich jewel colours and such marvellous words on the second one (not that I was ever much interested in growing up - still not!).
Alison xx

Janeen said...

5 cents a sheet maybe you need to charge a dime so they see the value of it. LOL. i just paid 25 cents at HL today. It was marked down from 50 cents. I took advantage of it. Anyway, i like both of these unique cards. Trying to figure out, on the top one, is that vellum, is it foil? it's really cool.

Carol L said...

I dealt with the same thing at a yard sale a few years back. I had bags of a dozen stamps for $1 and they wanted to pay 25cents! Pft! People always want something for nothing, but if it's free, they'll dive into it taking way more than they'll ever need or want! It's the "free" mentality that makes me crazy sometimes! Today I found out that OWH is shutting down in a couple months, and I'm wondering what on earth I'm going to do with all these stamps and supplies I've been using to make their cards?! Bummer!!
I like your cards, especially the sentiment on the 2nd one - isn't that the truth?! LOL

KT Fit Kitty said...

Great cards and I like the sentiment on the second one! I think 5 cents a sheet for cardstock is an awesome deal - even I could scrape together some money at that price! Not sure what those ladies are thinking!

SARN said...

Well you really are making the most of that Tribal pack aren't you? Another couple of ACE cards here PJ.

I wish you luck with selling some more cardstock at your next meeting. Think positive!

Hugs, Sarn xxx

Craftychris said...

Both cards are fabulous! Love the paper on both and the sentiment on the second one is awesome! I would come to your classes and buy your card if I didn't have to go so far to get there! xxx

Leslie Hanna said...

I don't know why people don't buy card stock, except that most people I know are selling theirs. I find I'm using more and more white, and less colored card stock. Could be a trend.