Thursday, May 14, 2015

Let's Lay in the Sun

But we'll have to do it some other day though because today is lacking in sun and we'd each have to hold onto a large rock to keep from blowing away and we'd have to keep our eyes closed to keep the blowing dust out and we'd have to be careful to not lay down on something with thorns, spines, needles or prickly things.  On second thought, let's just scratch this whole idea and go to the bar and talk smack about other people.

The Fine Print: More Club Scrap Tribal stuff.


Carol L said... can talk yourself into and right back out of anything in a heartbeat, and I love that!!! Count me in for that trip to the bar, but keep in mind that one glass of good wine does me in pretty fast! LOL Fun card today with all the sun images!

Sarn said...

Meet you in the bar . . . it doesn't sound safe outside!

Still LOVING these tribal backgrounds with the fab quotes.

Make mine a rum & coke please. xxx

Bad Kitty said...

Beautiful card

Lori said...

Yes, let's! We haven't had much sun here either. Love the quote and the very cool background of your card!

Janeen said...

oh i so want to do that. come on SUN!!! we are all waiting for you.

chrissy xx said...

LOve your sentiment PJ.
Too wet to go far today and even it I did I would need my umbrella.
Your idea sounds fun.

Greta said...

Fun card! Bet you're going to have plenty of sun in the future!