Thursday, May 21, 2015

How Many Bosses Did She Have?

Today is graduation day for the institution of higher learnin' that I work for and many other schools in town.  That means it tends to be a quiet happy day.  We don't have service hours this evening so that employees can attend the graduation ceremony if they chose.
The only My School graduation I've ever attended is the one I was in when I got my associates degree back in the 80's. Rose Mofford, the governor at the time, was our keynote speakers. She was known for her huge beehive hairdo and go get 'im attitude.  She started off by talking about the value of education and progressed into how education and perseverance gets you ahead. You know, like they all do.
Mis Mofford talked about how you can learn from those you work for and mentioned the number of bosses she had.  She spoke about how she started off her career as a mere secretary and shared the lessons she learned from that job and how they helped her get the next.  That second job she learned a lot from her boss, shared those lessons and how they got her that third position.  Rose learned a lot from that third boss, shared what she learned and explained how that helped her get the next job and so on and so forth.
While her talk started off interesting I started getting fidgety and trying desperately to remember how many bosses Rose Mofford had said she had so I could judge how much longer this speech was going to go on.  It went on and on.

Least this post go on and on I will share with you the lesson I've learned from all my bosses over the years (and I've had quite a number of them): You don't want to be the boss.  That's what I've learned!

The Fine Print: Cards, cardstock, and toppers by Club Scrap "Spring Chorus," dimensional flower stickers by K&Co., butterfly sticker by Sue Walton. 


jimlynn said...

Good reasoning on not wanting to be the boss! LOL!
All of these are so pretty Judy! Lovely, lovely cards.

Bad Kitty said...

great cards

Carol L said...

That's the best advice I've heard in ages and I would never choose to be the boss of anyone (except moi!) Your cards are all beautiful, and I love how the bottom 2 have musical themes. The blue color on the first is downright serene and soothing! Well done!

KT Fit Kitty said...

I agree! Wouldn't want to be a boss! Gorgeous cards! I love the last one - the butterfly is stunning!

Darnell said...

I like these cards, PJ! I really, really like them! And the lesson you learned is one I learned, too. It is CORRECT. I forgot once and was one for about four years, but then I came to my senses and preferred going back to working as a mere mortal. Those boss jobs are thankless. I'm dying to know how many bosses Rose ended up learning from and if you just laid down and went to sleep. I hope you have a great Memorial Day weekend! Hugs, Darnell

Leslie Hanna said...

I never wanted to be a boss, and unfortunately it made me hit that ceiling from whence I could advance no further, not even monetarily. Sad ow some professions don't allow you to stay technical and still advance. I chose to retire instead of staying on and contributing more of myself for no additional compensation. Who need that? Fortunately I was old enough to have that option.


I love all of these cards!!!!

Greta said...

Beautiful cards, Judy! I especially love the last one! Having been a boss for quite a few years during my career, I have to say--you're right!

chrissy xx said...

Yikes! Even I was getting a bit fidgety reading this! I too was hoping she hadn't had to many bosses! I've places to go and thing to do lol..
Brilliant card though...LOve them all etc etc etc.