Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Workdesk #284

Hi doods! I'm Dio here to share workdesk Wednesday wif you all and be nosy and wook at desks all days long.  Julia is hosting number 284 for us today.  My mom tooked terrible piktures today, except for mine cuz it is hard to get a bad foto of Dio! My mom cood do it though!

The desk is boring though becuz mom pikked it up again. It is becuz she coodn't fink of any playing to do and there woz tape on it and my sister Cindy tried to eat it all up.  Dat's so weird.  So mom tooked a foto of the table too cuz it haz stuff on it.
Dis is some fings my mom wants to work on. She gots sum scarey crow doods and a die cut fing that cuts and folds so yew need dubble sided papers for it.  By the ways, I had to hold the scarey crow doods down so they woodn't excape!
 Dis is a card my mom maded for a swap and there had to be a tag on it.  Not a price tag! But if it had a price tag I wood say sell it for a hundered million dollars!  And then gibe sum to me! And mebbe buy my dad a new mote control.  Hiz is broked. I dint do it.
The Fine Print: Mom sez sorwy, she try to make a messes for next week.  All the stuffs on the card are by A Mews Studio except the brown inks wot is made by sum dood named Tim. I guess yew all no him bery well. I neber met him.  Love, Dio xx (that's kisses not a beer).


Leslie Hanna said...

1. I spy a cat butt!
2. I don't have the patience for the cut-and-fold dies. ;(
3. A Mews Studio - HAHA! Love it.

Lunch Lady Jan said...

Dio, tell your mum that if she thinks I'm grounded, she has a screw loose!!
But I like the scary doods, and the're gonna create some good stuff with them!
Hugs, LLJ 32 xx

Sharon Madson said...

Too funny, Dio! Love the dies. And that desk is so neat! I hope I can get mine clean like that. Dio, you want to come help me? #78

Zsuzsa Karoly-Smith said...

LOL, what a fun post! Thanks for your visit earlier. zsuzsa @ InkyDinkyDoodle #33

Lindart said...

Your Mum's room looks way too neat - it's time you went in and sorted things out! I have a kitty named Inky who would be glad to help! Lindart#63

Angela Radford said...

Hi Dio, you sure are looking fine.
Bet you could have lots more fun if your mum left you alone to do it Lol!
Have a great week and thanks for the visit to mine, Angela x 39

Carol L said...

Fun post Dio! Your mom made some great cards, and took some fun pics too - especially the cat's butt! LOL MEOW!

Helen said...

Lol, Dio!! great post.
thanks to your mom for dropping by. Helen 3

Laura said...

Good job holding the scary down!
Happy Thursday! (sorry I'm late)

Lizzie said...

Hello Dio, how nice to meet you! Your mom has been a busy lady - I love her tag-card. And yes, I know Tim!

That is a beautiful desk. I love roll-top desks. I had one once (built it myself, from about 100 pieces that came ready-cut in a box!), but we had no space for it, so I gave it to a nice lady who needed a desk. Maybe one day, I'll have another!

Please tell your Mom, Thank you for visiting my blog!

Chrysalis said...

Hi Dio - glad you're in charge this week. Please ask Mum to show us what she makes with the cutty-foldy thing, please. Have a purr-fect week, with love from Rosie cat (and her Mum, Chris # 7)

Angie said...

Haha, I've got a cat that eats tape too! It's a very odd fetish. The die is intriguing but I'm trying my darndest to avoid buying new dies because I have a electronic cutting machine that I need to use for all that! Thanks for visiting me!
Angie #53

Carmen said...

Such a clever cat Dio, you type better than I do! :D

Tell Mum her desk puts mine to shame but thank you for coming by. You're welcome anytime, I reckon you'd be good at catching the spiders in my shedio.

Carmen x #45

RosA said...

Hi Dio,
I did enjoy your post, specially the bits when you tell us about the kitties. You could tell your Mum that cut and fold die thing looks very complicated and we would be very pleased to see what she does with it!
Have a good week Dio and see you again soon :)
RosA # 1

Pat Taviss said...

Hi there and nice to meet you. I am new and getting acquainted with people and process. I appreciate your sharing.

I see that you live in Tucson. I live in Dove Mountain at the Highlands.

Pat #83

Di said...

Too funny :-)


Di xx

trisha too said...

Wow, Dio wasn't kidding, you REALLY cleaned up! We have a tape cat, too--she doesn't really eat it, but she sits on boxes that have shipping tape on them, and proceeds to try to pull it off . . .

(And please let me tell you, I did NOT cut out that chipboard on my desk, that is way beyond me! It's actually from Leaky Shed Studio.)

:)trisha (a little late)
#63 this week with
not much!

April Story said...

Dio is adorable! Thanks for sharing that lovely rolltop desk. April #68

Lisca Meijer said...

Hi Dio! You made me smile... Tell your mom I like the scary dude things and I'm very interested in the foldy die thing. Ask her to show us next time what she made with that, if you'll let her that is....
Have a good week,
Sorry I’m late but I take my time going through them all. (I enjoy reading all the blogs and look at the photos)

okienurse said...

Oh my DIO! Good post. Need to mess up the desk and table a little bit tho! I have those same scary crows and need to do something with them. Might make cards for the Granddaughters with them! Thanks for coming and visiting my desk this week. I am so late getting around but it seems something always gets in my way of desk hopping! Have a great rest of the week. Vickie #43