Monday, November 24, 2014

Make Up Monday

I know my Make Up Monday posts all seem to be Club Scrap but that is because that's the stuff I stash all over the place and discover later.  It is like Christmas only better because I didn't have to buy anything for anyone and plan family activities.
This time I went searching for some fall colored cardstock and accessories for a project I was working on.  Instead I found a box with some cards already made and a few that just needed assembling.
 It was bada bing, bada boom, instant cards!
 Of course, I did get distracted along the way and forgot about my original project...
...which I then stashed in the Club Scrap box to be discovered at a  later date. 

The Fine Print: Most everything by Club Scrap except the chevron stamp in the background of card #2 which is by A Muse Studio.


Leslie Hanna said...

Neat people never make the exciting kinds of discoveries I do.

You and I both need to have this framed in our craft rooms. I'm telling you, there is nothing better than remembering you have something, am I right? And using up an old kit is SO satisfying. EMBRACE THE SQUIRREL!

Craftychris said...

These are all gorgeous! I always love autumnal colours. I need to have a root round and see if I can make some discoveries! xxx