Wednesday, November 19, 2014


So there is this one lady I often end up in crafting groups with and she cracks me up.  At every gathering she'll be like, "Oops! I forgot my adhesive." Or, "Oh, I forgot my scissors."  Every gathering she forgets some major component of paper crafting.  We've all been there and all done that but not every single time.

The funny part is she'll always follow up her "Oops" with, "I didn't realize we needed that."  I truly don't think she is making a joke or being ironic, which is silly because if you are a paper crafter then how can you not realize you need scissors, adhesive, or a bone folder.  I'm betting if she ever held a workshop she'd forget the paper.

Anyway, she's a good pal so we all forgive her and share our tools.  After all, paper crafters are good people.
Oops. I  forgot to put any stamping on this card.


Leslie Hanna said...

BWAHAHAHAHAHHAH! I've done that too. I have a No-Stamping category for that very reason. Because I meant to (not) do that!

House of Bears said...

Oops I almost forgot to comment. I tend to forget the most needed stash, but I know it's necessary, I'm just colander brained when it comes to packing. Gorgeous card btw.

Craftychris said...

I forget things too! Love your cute card and it doesn't need any stamping! xxx