Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Bad Ass Cat Post by a Bad Ass Cat

So it wooks wike if I don't rite a blog post my mom neber will.  So I'm Dio.
My mom tooked me to the doktor on Fridays.  She sed, "Doktor, look in that's cat's ear."  I said, "No way! Do not wook in the Dio ear!" and I hissed and I hissed and I hissed.  Then the doktor gabe me some medicines that made me falls asleep.  Wen I woz sleeping he did a opperashion on bof my ears! At the same times!  Welp maybe not the same times. I'm not shure. I woz sleeping.

Den my mom sed a silly fing.  She sed ebery time we go to the doktor it costeds so much monies! So I say we shoodn't go there eny more.  Dat's easy enuff.  Den we can save monies to buy crunchie treats.
Here's a pickture of a bad ass cat. I'll bet nobodie messes with his ears!

The Fine Print: That's a card made wif a stamp on papers wif eyelets. The only name on the stamp is the lady who used to own it.


Sandy said...

Dio, so sorry to hear you needed surgery on your ears. Hopefully they are all better and your mom won't need to spend any more money on them. (Although your plan to skip the doctor sounds like a good way to save money, sometimes you just have to see the doctor.) You do look like one awesome kitty.

Carol L said...

Yeehaw cowboy kitty - I love dem boots and matching hat! Love all the whiskers too!! Cool card! Keep the hat on, and maybe it will protect your ears!

Janeen said...

poor Dio. hope he gets better soon. that image with red hat and boots is a hoot.

chrissy xx said...

Yikes! I wish you hadn't told me this..My little dog is going for a teeth check-up on Tuesday..Hope there's enough left to by a new ball.

Leslie Hanna said...

What was wrong wif his ears?

Angela Bode said...

Aggh! I lub it!!! What a sweetie. I hope Dio is feeling better and up to his bad ass ways by now! :) Super cute card too! Hugs!