Saturday, March 29, 2014

No Thinking Required

The problem with being sick is it is boring. And annoying, but mostly it is boring. I really wanted to play with my crafty toys but didn't feel good enough to be crafty (such a paradox). So I broke open a partially used old kit box and decided to make some kit cards, because you can just assemble them according to their suggestions, you don't have to think.
I did do a little bit of thinking. I added in some background stamping on the card base, used my own twine instead of the uber-thick cord they included and added an fancy eyelet.

Then I made these two belated birthday cards, which is convenient because I need a couple of belated birthday cards.  I dropped the ball this month.  I dropped the ball because I was too busy blowing my nose. Or anyway, that is my story and I'm sticking to it.
I also found this in the kit box. I've long since gone out and bought a second copy of this folder because I was convinced I somehow lost or threw it away.  Whoops.

The Fine Print: Card toppers and bases from Club Scrap "Wild Flower" kit, background stamps top card-Hero Arts, middle card-A Muse Studio and Stampin' Up, bottom card-A Stamp in Hand and unknown.


Craftychris said...

All of these are fabulous! It's hard to think when you are poorly so kits are just the thing! I hope you feel better soon. Take care of yourself! xx

Patricia said...

Good morning, I hope you are felling a little better, a few ((((((hugs))))) to help.
Love your cards, everyone a winner.
It's times like these your forgotten "kits" come in very handy.
Have as good a day as possible

Patricia xx

Carol L said...

What a great find in your kit - even if you did already go buy a 2nd one! Great colors on all of these cards, and that butterfly eyelet is the cutest thing! Get better soon, ya hear? {{hugs}}

Irish Cherokee said...

Being sick is a bummer. The cards may be from a kit but you make them special anyway. Beautiful job Judy.

Double Blessings. Maybe that will help.

Cherie said...

Kits are great for not thinking but still being crafty. And it's a pain to have to blow your nose in the middle of card making. I like those flower backgrounds.

jimlynn said...

Hope you're not sick (bored) much longer!! Get well soon.
Love the cards you created from this kit! They're all just wonderful.

Janeen said...

I love the one kit I have. Dilemma...I don't want to use it all up bc then it will be gone. Quirky, I know. This was a great way to satisfy your mojo yearlings. They are great. OH I have so done that with the EF. I was recently convinced that I must have lost my one of my fave sentiment clear stamps. Looked EVERwhere twice, have cleaned the stamping room three times thinking it would show up..nada!! Yesterday, I found it attached to the bottom of my colored pencil metal box. Rejoicing!!!

Hettie said...

Awwww! Sorry to hear you are a poorly bunny. Sending big hugs. Lovely cards there.

butterfly said...

Sorry to hear you're unwell... and how frustrating to have time to play and not feel up to much. Having said that, these cards are great. Love the flower stamps and that sentiment is genius.

I fear there's probably the odd double lurking in my crafting supplies... unlikely I'll ever dig to the bottom to discover it though!

Feel better soon,
Alison x

Jessi Fogan said...

I love this colour combo! And your organization system sounds like mine...koff...WHO TOOK MY oh, never mind, found it.
Love the PROcrastination card best - mostly because omg, I could give that card over & over & over!

MaryH said...

You're getting a lot done while you are feeling under the weather. I'd just be sleeping & complaining. Each of these is a winner, and I love the special touches you added to make them your own. Looks like it was a fantastic kit. Smiled at the EF duplication. I do that all the time! Hugs to help you feel better. TFS

Shaz in Oz.CalligraphyCards said...

ah lost a swirl die for nearly 18 months Judy and faithfully kept the bag (memory box swirl) that it came in and would look and pray about it every time across that empty blue paper envelope it came in.. then one day looking though my envelope basket (it sits on shelf under cutting machine) ...

and what did I spy yup!! the die.. so its now home again, prayers answered.. frustrating when you buy again though!!

.. thanks for popping over .. love thse purple cards, take care and get well, Shaz in oz.x