Monday, March 3, 2014

Make Up Monday

Let's kiss and make up, shall we?  *kiss*kiss*  Yeah, no, we weren't even fighting.

When I make cards, I photograph them (if I remember) and put them in my computer in a general folder.  After I share them on my blog I move the photos into a themed folder for later inspiration.  Sometimes I forget to move them out of pending which is why you'll see them more than once on my blog.

Sometimes I never get around to posting them and then they just sit in the pending folder collecting virtual dust, waiting for a rainy day, which here in Southern Arizona we don't get too many of.  But since we had rain this past weekend and because my pending folder is way full, I've decided to share some of the random things I have hanging out in there. 

The Fine Print: All four of these cards were made from the Club Scrap Wisteria kit which I absolutely adored.  Most of the items used were from the kit but some of it came from my own stash.  I plan to make Make-up Monday a regular feature until the pending file gets under control.  It could be awhile as there are 25 Wisteria cards alone.


vicki said...

These are gorgeous! Love the purple theme too! I do the same take pics then don't post ha ha ;)
Vic x

Julia Dunnit said...

gah, but I was fighting! fighting my bleeding mojo that is! I love these, the wisteria is lovely, the numbers are,post as many of your dusty cards as you like gal, I intend to enjoy!

Irish Cherokee said...

I know the feeling. If I dumped all of my artwork coloring and finished but unused crafts they would need to open a new landfill. I would say LOL but that is scary to think about.
All of the cards are well do and it is surprising they weren't used. Nice cards.

jimlynn said...

Glad you brought them out of that dust covered folder! They're all simply fantastic!!!!!

Bonnie said...

You did a good job of blowing off the dust! They look good and not at all like they've been languishing in a folder, forgotten and forlorn!

Carol L said...

These are very nice cards! I had to chuckle because I have the same filing system for my cards! There are the current folders and then the posted folders, and often I forget to move them over once I post them.....oops!

butterfly said...

Lovely to catch up with these Wisteria beauties - the colours are so subtle and pretty, and I love that wisteria stamp in the final panel.
Alison x