Thursday, March 20, 2014

Limited Hobbling Abilities

My hip tried to pop out of its socket last night (for no good reason, I might add) so I'm like that wounded animal that needs to be put down. So you should cherish these words as they may be the last ever that I write.  LOL!  I wanted to share with you the cards I made at the convention this weekend but I was unable to find them due to my limited hobbling abilities, so I'll share these cards with you instead.
This one is one a friend of mine had several of us make before the convention.  I think we were tester guinea pigs to see how it would go as she had this as a make and take there.  The twine was supposed to be around the brown Happy Birthday piece but as you can see I didn't leave enough room for it.  Also, I got carried away with the distressing and about tore up my embossed pieces.  These were good lessons for her so she could better teach her make and take. 
This card my friend sent me as a RAK.  I love the bright cheery colors of it and how the stamped images are different colors. Fancy schmancy!

The Fine Print: Top card stamps and products by Close to My Heart.  That distressing I did was supposed to be in ink not a sanding tool, just proving you can't trust us crafters to get it right.  No idea about the products on the RAK card.


Irish Cherokee said...

Both cards are neat. The first one is definitely my favorite.

chrissy xx said...

GOrgeous! FABulous colours and I LOve your image..Even if everyone was given the same things, with similar instructions? The fun is that each one is different!
LOve the sentiment and how she's stapled it onto the paper.

Craftychris said...

Both these are gorgeous! I love your embossed background and your friends flowers are so pretty. Look after that hip of yours! xx

Shoshi said...

Awww Judy, so sorry to hear you are suffering with a dislocated hip. I hope you will soon feel better. I'm not too special atm and didn't manage to get onto WOYWW this week after a couple of very bad sleepless nights and also my sewing machine has broken down! I'm still coughing like crazy from the throat infection I had several weeks ago. Never rains but it pours! Thanks for your visit, and I'm glad you like my little zentangles on teabag stains. I've got so many ideas!


Patricia said...

Great cards love, them both.
Yours is brilliant and the other as RAK a beautiful one to receive.
Hope your hip gets better soon, nothing worse than coping with pain.

Patricia xx

Carol L said...

In spite of dancing to the beat of your own drum, the first card turned out just fine! I like the sanding on the embossed panels, and the twine looks great where it is! If you put it on the brown panel, the bird would probably start gnawing on it anyway ;)

Hettie said...

There is always one! Typical it was you!!
Great cards. Love that embossing folder on the first one.
The second card looks great too.
Hope you are back to "normal" soon - whatever Normal is!

jimlynn said...

Love your card (and also the one your friend sent to you)! Very cute way to add that twine without putting it on the same strip with the sentiment!
Ouch on the hip!!! Mercy! Rest up so you won't be hobbling much longer!

Leslie Hanna said...

I'm trying to think of a GOOD reason for a hip to come unhinged. Nope, can't do it.

And I love the guinea pig gig. I like to think my morning classes worked out all the kinks for my afternoon classes. I'm so bad.

And what is it with hot pink and orange that I might almost like? *feels forehead*

Greta said...

I like the card you made even with the twine in a different place & real distressing! Neat flowers on the second one!

MaryH said...

Loved both your cards. Very cheery on the colors on #2 and like the sentiment. Nice to have good friends who send you pretty cards. On #1, I think your distressing is just fine. Liked the way you placed your twine too! NOthing at all wrong with this card, and you could teach the M a Take yourself.. Sure hope the hip heals fast. Bet it hurts like heck. Treat it with TLC and keep it happy so you get back to normal fast as you can! TFS

Cherie said...

How thoughtful of you to show your friend some ways to help with that kit! Hopefully your hip is all better by now.

butterfly said...

Eek... hope your hip's doing better by now (guess it must be if you've been up and tidying the craft room... ah, the benefits of hindsight!).

Love that embossed background and the alternative twine placement seems fine to me!
Alison xx