Wednesday, June 27, 2012

WOYWW No. 160

It's Wednesday and that means time for the latest and biggest snoop around crafting spaces on the Internet.  My desk is heaped with stuff today.  Monday I picked everything up off the floor, piled it on my desk to vacuum.  And then I left it.  This is the end result minus a few things that have migrated back to the floor.
Things have been shuffled around a bit. I was on the phone with my Mom last night and since I was trapped by the phone cord (so old fashioned, I know) and only had one hand all I accomplished was moving stuff around some.  It was terribly unproductive.  I did make this card though with bits and pieces.  I feel like it needs something more, but I'm not sure what.
I have a couple more ATCs from the WOYWW birthday swap to show off.  I got the fabulous oriental girl from Lottie. She is heat embossed to perfection and colored exquisitely.  The pretty in pink elegant birdcage is by Di (Pixie's Workshop).

The Fine Print: Hmmm... whaddya know? I don't have anything to put here. That isn't to say it ain't all good, cuz it's pretty good. In fact, you could say it's fine.


inkypinkycraft said...

Lookslike you have some great atcs! Trace x 58

BJ said...

I like your card and perhaps just a sentiment will finish it off nicely. How about a small tag sticking out from under the blue lace? Yes I do scrapbook everything, even the odd funeral! I think it is only right to capture everything on life's journey. Thanks for stopping by BJ#4

Redanne said...

I agree with BJ, just a sentiment and it will finish if off nicely, it is a lovely card. Loving the ATCs you got. Anne x #57

mark gould said...

happy woyww, great work space. happy crafting, mark

Twiglet said...

Neat card and fab ATCs - have a great week. x Jo #72

Darnell J Knauss said...

Even more awesome ATCs! I love your unfinished card, needs maybe a layered sentiment? As it is, it looks like a beautiful journal cover. IMHO. Thanks for coming by my place already! Have a great week! Darnell #55

Sandra (Stamping For Pleasure) said...

How about a sentiment for your card?

Sweet ATCs . . . I have one from Di too . . . lovely isn't it?

Happy WOYWW xxx

Debs Willis said...

Oooh, I move stuff from the floor to desk and back again, all the time!

Happy woyww

Debs #146

Ann B said...

Is it all going back on the floor when you want to dust the desk Judy? Some ore ATCs and very nice ones as well. Agree with others about your card, I would add a sentiment horizontally in the top left hand part of the card.
Afraid my window seat is only temporary as the table is far too small for stamping and getting generally messy - good for sewing though.

Ann B

Jingle said...

Loving your adorable cards! Your desk has the perfect amount of clear workspace! :-)

trisha too said...

CUTE cards, Princess! We have one phone with a cord, and when I talk on it, it kind of feels like being on a leash . . .

Thank you for commenting on my daughter's pages last week, and Happy WOYWW to you!
trisha too

Danielle said...

Great workspace! Love your cards and the ATC's are adorable. Dani31

fairy thoughts said...

hey princess
great card I think it needs a greeting or something like that. the flowere is very pretty.
your desk is not so very messy, seen a lot worse ... or is it better. I love my room to be tidy and know where everything is ... but I also like to makle a mess seems more creative somehow.
oh I seem to havegone all phylasophical, must have seem too may blogs tonight.
janet #11
ps you can play at my desk anytime you are passing hee hee

Julia Dunnit said...

Well hey, i think the small print needs to beaput the new phone you're go ing to get. Let me just tell you that a cordless model will not facilitate thetidying up thing. I amliving proof of that...!

My name is Cindy said...

Great ATCs! Maybe the card just needs a word? Or a sentiment? I think I'll be going with 'road' on the canvas - seems to have got the popular vote!!

Cindy #14

Squirrel x said...

Have to agree babes, a wee sentiment would finish that pretty card off a treat. I love your desk - it reminds me of home (yeah, my desk is full of creativeness too) Hugs Sxx

Lunch Lady Jan said...

Guess what, I've got an ancient phone with a cord too...does that make us sisters??? But I long for a phone with a proper old fashioned dialling wheel on the front, just like in the olden days. When my boys were small, we had an old phone like that for them to play with - it mesmerised them and shut'em up for a few minutes, lol!!
I think you should put something completely random in the space, just to live outside the box a little. But that's just cos I'm a rebel still - you ask Julia, I never do what I'm told :)
Hugs, LLJ #3 xxxx

Ali H said...

Love the card action here this week ! Yes agree the card needs something - what about a rectangular block offset to the left about 1" down from the top ? Enjoy playing with it anyway ! Have a fun crafty week Ali #62

JoZart said...

Gorgeous cards you made despite the situation. Thanks for popping in on me. The bangle handles just fit in if the top flap is cut the size to hold them. simples!
love joZarty x

famfa said...

Lovely atc's. Card looks good as it is x
Famfa 113

RosC said...

Hey Princess :-)
Love your roll-top desk and all the gear! The ATCs are very sweet.
Thanks for coming by. Believe me, buying multiples of things is a great motivator for keeping track of my stash. So I do it - mostly, ha, but it does take time of course.
Ros. #121

Sandy said...

Hmm I think just a sentiment for your card. Love that you made that from scrap while you where on the phone to your mum. You are the master of multitasking. Great ATC's they are so lovely. Sandy :)

okienurse said...

Busy and creative desk this week! I love the fun things I see to play with! Have a great week. Vickie #159

Spyder said...

Lovely ATC's, hoping the tall men with long arms will be here soon do finish of my windows!! I'll take pictures, how sad is that!! I've been waiting a very long time for this! Our kitchen window is so bad it could fall out !! Have a great week! HaPpY WoYwW ((Lyn)) #32

Di said...

Hiya Judy - can you please do me a favour? One of the pearls on my ATC I sent to you has moved out of line and it's driving me nuts here looking at it - please line it up for me :)

Belated Happy WOYWW, and the fine print was just fine today.

Di xx

sandra de said...

Pretty card and a sentiment would go a treat on the front. But what to chooseI I hate when you use a birthday sentiment and then you actually need a thank you card. At least you vacuum I have long forgotten when I last cleaned my little room. It looks tidy but I can be a real grot. Lovely ATC.

Clare with paint in her hair said...

gorgeous atc's!

kay said...

well at least the floor is clear :)
fab atcs,thanks for visiting me
happy blogging
kay #65

Mindy Adams said...

Your little orinatal girl is SO cute!. Thank you for the lovely comments you have left for me on my blog. I love to read what others think of my work. I just love the colors you have choosen for yours.

Anne said...

Hi there your card is lovely and I think I would just add a greeting. I finished one today for my great niece and am now not sure about - think I put too much on it though. Lovely ATC's. Thanks for visiting me. Sorry I'm late. Anne x

ScrappnBee said...

Love the card! I remember getting caught up in the chord back in the day! LOL. I also have the same problem of migrating piles from floor to desk to floor is a vicious cycle. Thanks for visiting. Can't wait until next week! -Amanda x61

Neet said...

Don't worry about tidying your desk, I like it jut the way it is - it's a gorgeous desk!
Lovely atc's, I especially like the Japanese one.
Thanks for sharing - Hugs, Neet #20 xx

Bernice said...

Oh I do that all the time - move stuff around a bit, then spread it all out again when I start to make the next card!

Shaz in Oz.CalligraphyCards said...

Hi there Judy, am loving the atc's at the bottom. Had to smile about your moving things around too as said by others yes very unproductive but sill we do it..Thanks so much for sharing ~ happy WOYWW! Shaz in Oz. x #50

505whimsygirl said...

Nice ATCs!

I love that card. Have you thought about what it's missing? You are so talented - I just love seeing everything you create!!

Kay #34

Anonymous said...

Your desk looks like my entire room, REALLY will get in there and clean this weekend.... might actually go and make a start before dinner! As to the card, how about some matching ribbon, twine or string tied around the blue panel? Have a great weekend!

Brenda 5

Shoshi said...

Lovely stuff this week, Judy. I love the flower on the blue card, and some great ATCs.

Thanks for the lovely comment - today I'm feeling much better after a week of enforced rest. I knew I was overdoing it and would suffer the consequences, but it was worth it as I really enjoyed my day at the craft fair!

Happy belated WOYWW,
Shoshi #15

Neesie said...

Apologies for being so late visiting takes me all week and still I can't get to everyone! :$
I'd love to spend time in your creative space because it looks like there's so much treasure buried there.
The ATC's look brilliant.
Happy Belated WOYWW ~ Neesie #39

Whimcees said...


So many things going on at your workdesk! I love to click on the photo and look at all the detail! Wishing you a happy weekend!


Barbara Diane

Sue from Oregon said...

Fun ATC's and oh my your desk is piled high. If you notice, I never show my craft room floor LOL!

peggy aplSEEDS said...

a very belated happy WOYWW! always to get lovely ATCs isn't it?
thanks for sharing!
peggy aplSEEDS

Susan ~ Killam Creative said...

Floor to desk, desk to floor, rinse and repeat. The story of our workspaces! Haha! I love your card. Perhaps a sentiment or little dots of Stickles on random polka dots? That's how I roll, anyway.

Love the received ATC's! Thanks for your visit. I hope you had a grat WOYWW week. Another one starts tomorrow. :)

Susan #125