Wednesday, June 13, 2012

WOYWW - Lots of ATCs

The desk--completely boring.  Why is it so clean?  Because I lost track of ATCs and had to shift through the rubble to find them.  They've been located!  I still have a few more to mail.  One I can't find the address for and the others are just hanging around to keep that first one company.  True story!
I worked on nothing last night. I had great visions of making summer themed House Mouse and Penny Black cards for those weekly challenges, but nope.  Instead I read the third book of The Hunger Games. You just can't put those things down!  I'll shut up now so I can share lots of wonderful, fabulous, and creative ATCs with you.

By Cindy
By Ann B
By Jo (Twiglet)
By Alipeeps

By Janet (Fairy Thoughts)

By Kay (Whimsy Girl)

By Sandra de Marchi
By May

By Neet

By Sheri
By Sandy

By Zeffy
By Annie (Wipso)

And in case any of my crafting friends have any money to.. ahem... flush down the drain and have always wanted to poop glitter, check out this link.

The Fine Print: ATCs filled with love and awesomeness as part of the What's on Your Workdesk Wednesday Third Birthday party from various locations around the globe.  It is great to be a part of such fun creativity and generosity!


Ann B said...

Knew I could rely on you to lower the tone Judy, golden poop indeed. Still gave me a laugh. Lots of lovely ATCs there - and they didn't cost $425.
Ann B

Mary Jo said...

So many lovely ARCs! I read the first Hunger Games and half of the second. Now that I have seen the first movie, I am going to try and finish the books!
Mary Jo #119

Belinda said...

What pretty ATCs you received. I thought that was really a fun swap.

Your desk is rathar clean to me. I tend to have endless piles.

I hope the weather is nice there, it's rainy and dreary here.

Have a great day and if you have time, stop by and play at my desk.

Belinda (#103)

Darnell said...

Oh, snap, how friggin silly are pills so you can poop gold? AND, why didn't we think of that?? You know they are going to sell some. LMAO! Back to serious, PJ, you are so blessed to have received so many really beautiful and unique ATCs! Have a wonderful week!

Spyder said...

Fabulous ATC's you must love them all! Hoping I can show my not to show yet thing later! Thanks for my snoop and visit! HaPpY wOyWw
{{Lyn}} #31

Robin Panzer Art said...

Happy WOYWW! Guess what, you were the winner of my ATC giveaway! Stop by the blog to pick out which one you'd like. You sure received some beauties already! ~Robin

Inkypinkycraft said...

Looks like you had lots of fab atcs! Have agreatweek hugs trace x

Twiglet said...

Another postful of fab ATCs - what a fab swap we have all had. x Jo

...the yorkshire fox... said...

...what loVely ATC's you recieved, so many little treasures...I see you've had cat troubles too, I wouldn't mind (well I would) but this one isn't mine, she's a Marbled Bengal & a little minx! apparantly she's partial to hairbrushes! great!!, my new name is wee wee head...thanks for dropping by me earlier have a great week...Mel :)

Anonymous said...

Great ATC's, truly amazing designs.

Thanks for popping by my blog. Think l'll stick to glitter on my face rather than your links suggestion-its cheaper that way ;)

Happy WOYWW x

okienurse said...

Way too much...golden glitter poop! I am all about glitz but that even has me stopping with mouth dropping open. I would rather buy gold leaf me thinks to go on my projects. Maybe in Arizona next month to visit friends in Phoenix and Tucson. Very hot this time of year I hear. Have a great week! Vickie #42

Unknown said...

hi judy.what a good idea to photograph your atcs up close...will do so with mine when the rest arrive...verytidy desk by the way..

May said...

Fabulous ATC's.. thank you for putting me up there with the other's.. yours I got are brillant... have a good week, Hugs May x x x#20

My name is Cindy said...

I love the Hunger Games!! Well I've only read the first one, still waiting for the next two to come for me. You did a lot of ATCs!! Hop you saw yours on my kebab display. And how do you even find these links about glittery poop? What were you looking for? No, don't tell me, I don't want to know!! Cindy #39

Erika said...

Poop glitter now there would be a first! Love all your ATC's must get my act together next year and do a handful. You desk is very tidy this week Judy...I even tidied mine too. Have a super Wednesday what there is left of it, hugs Erika. #41

Bernice said...

What a lot of lovely ATCs you got. A very tidy desk - mine is not so organised!
Bernice (67)

Lunch Lady Jan said...

Ok, you win... golden poop IS the most bizarre bloggy issue I've read today - thank you for pointing out the link, it's almost as good as reading out the whole Cheeky Girls song...nearly!! LOL
Hugs, LLJ #1 xx

Erika said...

Funny you should mention the wine Judy I intend to do a bottle of wine with my teachers gifts saying "grapes are good too!". You and I obviously are on the same wavelength!
Hugs Erika. 41

Unknown said...

I knew poop could smell of roses but never knew it could be worth something - there is definitely money in recycling! Thanks for popping in to see me my plastic bins originally housed beads in a shop I love that I can see where everything is. It may be worth taking a screwdriver to work! Thanks for the mad link - chuckling still :-D WOYWW Hugs from Helen 14

Anonymous said...

What a great desk and your atc's are gorgeous, isn't it a delight to receive them. Have a great day Laura #175

VonnyK said...

How on earth did you find the poop pills, hate to think what you were looking for??!! That really scrapes the barrel and what must the person be like who thought the pill up in the first place? Makes you wonder how many have sold.
You got so many fabulous ATC's you lucky thing.
Hope to see something on that desk next week :)
Have a great week.
Von #83

Daniella said...

What awesome ATC's you got!! It is so fun getting them from around the globe isn't it????
Happy WOYWW!

Sandy said...

I see my owl amongst all those beautiful ATC's. Wow you have some absolutely beautiful ones lucky you. Its amazing how different they all are hey. I won tickets to see the premier of hunger games here in Australia. I got to see it before anyone in America did thought it was a great movie. Have not read the book though. Just finished the Game of thrones books was a bit of a marathon to get through. love my kindle. Sandy :)

Di said...

Oh PJ - how funny is that link! Perhaps I should just swallow a handful of the gilt leaf flakes with my cereal? At £4.99 it'd be a darned sight cheaper :)


Belinda Basson said...

What a collection you have there and each one so nicely photographed and labeled.

Anonymous said...

SO very pretty, all of them. I am loving every desk this week (who am I kidding? EVERY week LOL!)


Mary Anne (5)

Neet said...

Don't want to poop glitter but do have a nosey streak in me so off for a peek at your link later.
Great atc's Judy - and thanks so much for my two - love the humour, but then you know I love yours always.
Hugs, Neet #59 xx

nerllybird said...

Lovely ATCs, thanks for sharing those. I love your desk as well - all those little hidey holes, lol!
Helen S #23

Unknown said...

These ATCs are great! Funny link..who thinks up this "S*&T"

sandra de said...

You did get some fab atc's and now I have to check out your poop glitter comment. Your desk is so clean it is almost scary.
Sandra @85

SueH said...

Oh wow, you received a lot of ATC’s Judy, aren’t they amazing!
We definitely have some very talented crafters in our little group.

I know exactly what you mean about keep losing things. I’m in such a mess at the moment it’s unbelievable.. Can’t help wondering just how long your desk will stay that clear though.
Happy Crafting!

Deb said...

Enjoy your clean desk, I am sure it won't stay that way long, I know mine won't! love your ATCs, wish I'd been able to join in, maybe next year!

BumbleVee said...

I love seeing all the ATCs..... what fun! thanks for stopping by my house already..


Hazel said...

Tidy workspace. What a lovely lots of ATCs - thanks for sharing - Hazel WOYWW #82 x

Bridget Larsen said...

You got some wonderful atcs there, isnt Sandee a darling with her card to me.
Bridget #13

Barb King said...

what a nice collection of ATC's, what are you going to keep them in? I'm trying to decide how to store/display mine. Barb

SandeeNC said...

I am on the waiting list for Hunger Games...I need to check on it, I'm tired of waiting!! lol Sorry I am so late getting to you but I've been mod podging, gessoing, painting like crazy!! waving hi ( again )from the hills of North Carolina :)

Whimcees said...


Wow! What beautiful and creative ATCs! I checked out the link - strangest thing I have seen in a long time! :<) Wishing you a good weekend!


Barbara Diane

Sylvia/LittleTreasures said...

Thanks for sharing all the photos, such a fun exchange..Have a great weekend, a little time before my company arrives.

Shoshi said...

Wow Judy what a smashing lot of ATCs you've received! All beautiful too. Your desk is certainly very tidy!

Thanks for your nice comment on my blog - so glad you like my zentangles!

Sorry to be so long responding but I've been having problems with my comments awaiting moderation not being visible - it turns out it's a Blogger/Firefox problem since the latest Firefox upgrade, so I'm temporarily using IE till they sort it out - hopefully soon!

Happy belated WOYWW,
Shoshi #15

Julia Dunnit said...

I'm horribly late, but so what!! Aren't you poplier Princess, a great haul of ATCs. Thought you were moving house when I first saw your desk!