Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Swedish Death Cleaning

Have you heard the latest decluttering trend called Swedish Death Cleaning? I hadn't heard of it until a friend posted it on Facebook causing a lot of interesting discussion.

Since that friend and her friends are all around my age or younger many couldn't relate Swedish Death Cleaning for themselves but talked how nice this would be (or would have been) for parents or grandparents to take part in.
Swedish Death Cleaning sounds kind of morbid, but basically it is decluttering your belongings instead of leaving the whole kit and kaboodle for those left behind by your death.  The thought is to take responsibility for your items and don't leave them as a burden to family and friend because that's not fair.

I think it is an interesting concept, but I don't see Swedish Death Cleaning happening so much in America because we don't like to talk about death.  And also, the concept behind SDC is to keep your belongings from becoming an emotional burden on others, and I know many people who love to be as burdensome as possible. In fact, those people are probably out buying more shit right now for their loved ones to deal with later.

The Fine Print: Just a random card from a Simon Says Stamp kit, it has nothing to do with death, death cleaning, or death non-cleaning for those burdensome folks.


Barb said...

This made me smile. It's something we keep saying we must do but never seem to get round to. I didn't know it had an actual name!!! Sorry I've been absent Judy. Still catching up after my holiday.

I love your card and the colours are great. Barbxx

Fikreta said...

this is so nice card!
love it!

Carole said...

Judy - you make me laugh - your option on SDC made me chuckle so much I got some very strange looks! Great card, by the way! x

Bonnie said...

If I give all my stampin' stuff away, I would be so miserable, I might as well die! I think I'll keep it so I can stay happy and not be a whining burden to my loved ones. I need to remind them how much I'm helping them by keeping it all! I love all the movement in this card! And you don't even have moving parts! But I can see the wind blowing and the bird flying!

SARN said...

No Siree, I had never heard of SDC until you mentioned it . . . so of course I had to look it up via your link. On the assumption that I live a long and healthy life I won't have anyone to be a burden to . . . (not even a cat) so I'm off out to buy a tonne more stuff! Thanks for the heads up!

Oh, and your card? FABULOUS!

Hugs, Sarn xxx

Angela Bode said...

As always, you crack me up! (they are probably out buying more stuff right now) Crack me up! I should probably do some SDC. We try to every couple of years. It REALLY helps not having a garage or basement and attic that is hard to get into. I guess too we don't have a lot of stuff that is really worth anything. That helps too! I toss a lot of stuff in the trash. Love this pretty card! Gorgeous balloon! Love the paper with clouds and rays.

Maxine D said...

Hmmm - SDC - sort of topical as I am still to sort some of DH's stuff... but then my stamping stuff keeps me sane, so I will hang onto that, my embroidery keeps the gray matter ticking, the gardens feed me.... nothing much left to dispose of - errrrr....
Love your non-relevant card - it's a beaut!

butterfly said...

Yeah... I've got a whole world of emotional clutter headed my way one day. Let's hope - not just for that reason - that that day is a long way off. I'm pretty sure my mother won't go for any such thing as death-cleaning. She's never really gone for any kind of cleaning.

Maybe I'll just get in a hot air balloon and skedaddle...
Alison x

Craftychris said...

I love how you name your posts - too funny! I like the idea of SDC - if I popped off now, those left behind would have a heck of a job sorting out my stuff! Now I have reached 60, perhaps I should think ahead as ahead doesn't seem so far away now! Tee Hee! Love your dreamy card! xxx

Michele Emerson-Roberts said...

Your posts always make me laugh......your take on life is so refreshing. I am so blessed to have you as a friend. It just occured to me that we only have four legged "children".....wonder what they will do with all our stuff?
Love and light,