Monday, October 23, 2017

Dear Cat, the Earth is Tilting

The Cat Lovers Hop has started! I hope you are emotionally prepared for all things catty for the next few days.  In honor of the CLH I have a cat story for you.
Every morning I find myself explaining to the cat about axial tilt and seasonal changes. Explaining that to a cat is rather like explaining quantum physics to... to... a 50 year old school secretary.

See, Charles likes to see the sunshine streaming in through the kitchen window in the morning. He trots around chirping and purring until you open the blinds. Then he rushes over the wall where the sunshine hits. What he really likes about the sunshine is the shadows it makes as it comes through the various plants and things on the porch. He likes windy days when the shadows move. He likes it when I make my lunch and cause shadows in his stream of sunshine. He really likes it when my sparkly bracelet catches a ray and leaves sparkly bits all over the walls and ceilings.

But alas, the seasons are changing and every morning Charles escorts me down the hall to the kitchen telling me about his day and how he just can't wait to see the sun and how I'm the best mom ever for inviting the sun into our house.  Then I open the blinds and no sun.

No sun! Then Charles has an emotional meltdown that parents of toddlers will recognize. He squawks, he chirps, he runs around after me and runs back to the wall still devoid of shadows. He will not let me be until I fix it. For awhile there I got away with telling Charles the sun was sleeping in and will be by to visit soon, but now the tilt is too far for the sun to reach into the kitchen window.

I feel bad for Charles because you can see how upset he is. So this morning I was pleased when I noticed out the front window that sun had gotten up and was making long shadows across the front yard. "Charles, Charles! Come here! Your friend the sun is playing in the front yard today!" Charles came running because he comes when you call, expecting great things of you. Charles leaped into the window and saw the sunbeams. He was really happy.

That is right up until he realized those shadows weren't doing anything. They weren't moving the wind (since there wasn't any), his mom wasn't going to walk through them as she made her lunch and no mysterious bracelet sparkles were going to show up to entertain him.
Then with a crashing of gears, motors and metal the trashmen turned onto our street. "Oh look, Charles! The Green Men are here!" Charles watched with fascination as this huge noisy truck reached out an arm, plucked up the garbage can from across the street and dumped into the big hole in it's back. Charles quivered and looked at me in alarm. If he could talk, you just know he'd say, "Mom! The Green Men are taking those people's things! They are talking those people's things!" I know Charles would say that because he is concerned whenever the Blue Men come and take "the important things Dad put in that blue bin" in front of our house.

So for whatever reason I decided to explain it to Charles in kid-talk. I told him that both the Green Men and the Blue Men liked to get presents so we put presents in green or blue bins and put them on road for them to come get. I reminded him how everyone likes presents, which Charles could relate to. When I left that morning, Charles was sitting in the window waiting for the Blue Men to come get presents his Dad left them on the sidewalk in the blue bin. You could see the wheels turning in his little cat brain. I'm sure he was wondering if there were cat treats or fuzzy balls in the blue bin. After all, those are the best presents.

The Fine Print: Greeting stamp by Stampin' Up, stickers from Recollections, other stuff from my stash. BTW, the Green Men don't come down our side of the street, they visit us in the alley, but Charles doesn't care what happens in the alley. 


Fikreta said...

Im so happy you are participating in cat blog hop!
I hope my mail will arrive sou can color those stamps I sent you.
Your cat is so cute!
love your adorable card!
Im big fan of halloween cards!

NanaConnie said...

Judy, I love your story about Charles and the sunshine! My two feline furbabies don't understand the tilting of the world either; they just shoot accusing looks at me most of the late fall and winter because they are convinced I have personally denied them their morning bask in the sun rays. But - does that make them grateful in the late spring when I magically bring the morning basks back to them? Nooo, never a word of thanks from the ungrateful fur balls. Love your delightful card and such a good, late-afternoon story to read. :-D

DonnaMundinger said...

Oh Judy, how totally cute and hilarious! My hubby always laughs when I say I know what Goliath and Jezebel are thinking, but Cat Mommies know, don't we? Love your adorable Halloween card, too. I'm such a sucker for googly eyes. xxD dlmundinger(at)yahoo(dot)com USA

Sue D said...

Cute Halloween card. I like the googly eyes. Thanks for sharing your stories about Charles.
slrdowney at hotmail dot com USA

Christi Conley said...

ROFL - what a GREAT story!! My spoiled cats have a bird feeder in the picture window which they enjoy, but that sun is THE BEST! One of my cats, Junior, follows the sun. . .perhaps he could have a word with Charles :) Huuge hugs!
StampinDiva {at} yahoo {dot} com

kiwimeskreations said...

Poor Charles - just as well he can't read or he would be highly embarrassed by your story!! Tell him that it about 120 big sleeps the sun will be back to make shadows and play with him!!
The cat on your card is a cutie

ike said...

Hahahaha - what a purr-fect tail (tale). I loved reading about Charles. He would love it here in Greece with loads of sunshine :-) Not last night though... lots of wind and rain and thunderstorm. :-( All my (23) kitties were not very impressed.
Love your super card and the googly eyes really set it off nicely :-D
Lovely to meet you at the Hop :-)
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Karenladd said...

Awww, I don't know whether to laugh at poor Charle's sunshine mishaps or to feel sad. He looks so bereft that I want to reach through my computer and give him a big pat on the head and bring him over to my house where the morning sun continues to dance through my kitchen window. Your googly eyed kitty and jack of lantern make me want to giggle and eat Halloween candy!

ionabunny said...

A fun card and a very entertaining story. Cats rock. Hugz

Becca Yahrling said...

Oh what fun to read your post, see your beautiful Charles and admire your pretty Halloween card (the googly eyes are perfection!).

Beverly S. said...

Funny tale about Charles (love his human name) are such a tease to him. Love your very cute Halloween card too....those google eyes on the cat made me smile. This is my first time participating in the the Cat Lover's Hop....what fun! ;)

The Paper Layer said...

What a beautiful story! I'll be thinking of it all day.. Great Happy Halloween Kitty card! thealteredpaper@gmail USA

D.Ann C said...

Would you make me a book of stories about Charles? Pleeease! I had so much fun reading it, I just spent way too much time going back through your blog and getting some chuckles along the way hoping to get some more stories about him. You are such an entertaining story teller! Have you considered writing a book? - the Adventures of Charles the Cat; Mr Charles Ponders Life; Charles & Me - I'd be first in line to read it! Might I suggest a daylight lamp and a mini fan to keep him entertained this winter? lol! Oh, and I love the googly eyes on your kitty!!

KT Fit Kitty said...

Hello, Judy! It's been too long! Yay for the Cat Lovers Hop! I enjoyed reading your story - Charles makes me smile! Your card is so cute - I need to use googly eyes more!

Darnell said...

That was excellent writing, PJ! I hung on every word! You should write your cat stories in a book!! And your Halloween card is great, too! Love to Charles, who is the smartest cat EVER!! Hugs, Darnell

Michele K. Henderson said...

I love your kitty card! It has some gorgeous layered details and a great color palette! Perfect for Halloween!
Take Care!

mandysea said...

Loved your story of Charles and the sunshine!! that was awesome!
Cute cute Halloween card- oooh the little eyes on kitty and the pumpkin!!

Bonnie said...

Love your story and Charles! He is one smart fur-baby! And a fun Halloween card to go with the story!

Craftychris said...

Gorgeous pic of the beautiful Charles! Loved reading your story - I agree with D Anne C - you should write a book with your stories - lots of us would love to read it! Fabulously cute card - another lovely kitty! xxx
smith dot craftychris at gmail dot com.

New Creations said...

I love the addition of googly eyes, such fun Halloween creation!

Janis said...

What a sweet Halloween card and fabulous story about Charles. He is so cute! Blog posts like this are one of my favorite parts of the Hops!!

Thanks so much for joining in the #CatLoversHop2017!!!
<3 J

jwoolbright at gmail dot com

Denise Bryant said...

Cute Halloween card... the kitty is adorable!

Carole J said...

Your stories always make me smile Judy! You are such a good, patient mom to Charles - he's so very lucky! Great card - love the eyes! x

Lisa Lynn said...

Judy, your Halloween card is gorgeous. Nice to hear about Charles.

Taniya Fernando said...

Wow it's a really cute card with a really nice pattern paper! Those pop up eyes makes the card more interesting.!!

taniyafern at yahoo dot com