Thursday, October 19, 2017

Don't Be An Administrator

The other day at work, a coworker was trying to get suggestions on what to bring to a function she was going to that weekend. It was a potluck type of thing and she wanted to bring something substantial. We were batting around ideas when one of our peers said, "Whatever you do, just don't be an administrator."
That made us all laugh. See, where we work administrators, you know those folks whose salary has six digits before the decimal point, proudly offer to bring the soda. They show up with a few 79-cent bottles of no-name, half-flat soda from the Dollar Store and act like they've saved the day. Meanwhile the housekeepers, who squeak by on minimum wage and no benefits, bring dozens and dozens of homemade tamales that they spent all night beating the meza all night on a rock by the river.

So whatever you do, just don't be an administrator.

Unless of course you are already an administrator then offer to bring the tequila, but for god sake's make it top shelf and bring plenty.
The Fine Print: I forgot to mention that administrators also leave said soda in the car all day until the event so every cup requires enough ice to sink a ship. Party pigs and parts by Stampin' Up. 


Linda Droege said...

Love this card!!! Saw it featured on Susan Itell's blog and did not realize you have a blog of your own (should have guessed from the wonderful comments you leave on her site, know: no brain, no pain...)
Count me a follower now, if late to the party. Great work and I love your design aesthetic.
I promise not to be an administrator!!!

Fikreta said...

Look at this adorable card!
pigs are so cute!
love your card

Angela Bode said...

Isn't that frustrating??? What is the matter with some people. Sigh!! I love your card and that will take my mind off admins! Your piglets are having a ball! I love the paper streamers, that is a super cute die (i am guessing a die?)!!

Heidi Stamps said...

These pigs really know how to party! Great card!

Carol L said...

What a fun and adorable card with those festive little piggies! Love the colors and party design! I had to chuckle at your comments! LOL When I was working, there were those who always brought ONE bottle of generic soda and were ALWAYS the first in line for the food when it was time to eat - it just never failed! I guess it's pretty much the same everywhere in the work force? LOL

Bonnie said...

This looks like a really fun party! Love the festive colors!

Maxine D said...

No administrators at that party by the looks of it Princess J.!! Fun card

butterfly said...

Hmmm... I guess - but then the Housekeeper has the time for all the tamale-making. I agree it should be tequila rather than flat, warm soda though, if you're not going to make anything yourself!

Love your party pigs!
Alison x

Craftychris said...

I absolutely adore your party pigs! Such a fun card - and I won't dare be an administrator! xxx