Friday, March 31, 2017

Warm Heart Notecard

So... Once upon a time one of my husband's friends asked him what the secret to a good marriage was.  Hubby gave a surprisingly useful answer and it didn't involve boobs!

Mister Princess said that you absolutely need to agree on two things to get along. You can't go into a marriage thinking the other person will magically change their mind or that you can make them change it.  That way lies madness and strife. With those two things settled, then everything else pretty much falls in line.  Oh, those two things are: holidays and kids.
We both never wanted kids and we both never gave two hoots about holidays and we sure as hell never wanted to ruin a perfectly good day off work spending it with relatives or cavorting all over the place. Both of those we agree on and they make use perfectly content. For some reason our stance on those issues sure gives a lot of other people grief, but what do we care what they think?  We don't have to sleep next to those people.

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SARN said...

What a lovely CAS card. Never a truer word spoken by your wise hubby! Xxx

Carol L said...

Great card with that striped heart, and who cares if you don't want kids or relatives on holidays? We all live life as we want to, so I see nothing wrong with traditions that differ from mine or anyone elses! Hats off to Mr. Princess :)

LesleyG said...

Ha good advice mr P, and your card melts the heart xxx

Greta said...

Smart hubby & I love your sweet card, Judy!

Maxine D said...

Mr Princess has it right - you can't go into marriage expecting the other person to change!!
Love your CAS card - it's wonderful, Princess J

butterfly said...

That's some very sage advice - well done Mr Princess! Cool stripy heart too.
Alison x

cotnob said...

This is a fabulous card Judy, a super design.
Pauline - Crafting with Cotnob

Fiki said...

Beautiful card !
Mr Princess is right!

Craftychris said...

Such a lovely sweet card! It sounds like you and Mr P have got your relationship sorted to perfection! Brilliant! xxx