Friday, March 24, 2017

Walking Along, Minding My Own

At a meeting today at work someone mentioned, "It would be cool if we could do this." The people semi-in-change hemmed and hawed and muttered about how that cost money. I called them "semi-in-charge because they are the midlevel management, while the person I report to is the department head honcho.
I thought to myself that we should get a quote and find out just how much that would cost so we could make an informed decision about it. Not too long ago, I would have immediately called up the quote giving people and explained what we needed. However, as of late I get in trouble for just breathing, so I think I'll run it by the head honcho first.

Things just aren't what they used to be where I work and I'm not alone in that statement. Although, if the retirements and resignations keep up at the current pace--I will be alone.

Meanwhile, I'm just minding my own.

The Print: All the stuff by Stampin' Up, some old and some new, but none borrowed and none blue. And maybe it isn't breathing that gets me in trouble, maybe it's thinking that is discouraged. Or maybe existing. Hmmm....


cotnob said...

A super card Judy, such a pretty image.
Pauline - Crafting with Cotnob

LesleyG said...

love those sets and love your card. Keep your head down and keep smiling :) xxx

Fikreta said...

great card!

Craftychris said...

Your card is beautiful! I love the image. Don't let them get you down at work, it's so frustrating when you are not allowed to think. Years ago when I went back to work when my kids were little, I worked as an Audio typist for a while and the person dictating made no sense so I corrected it. The boss lady of our team happened to check my work and said I hadn't typed what the chap had said. I told her why and she said 'you are paid to type not to think'. I had to do it all again, incorrectly as he had dictated it. It came back again altered for me to re type virtually the same as I had typed it in the first place! I left shortly after for a better job where I was allowed to think! xxx

Barb said...

Wow Judy this is fabulous. A fantastic card. Try not to let them get you down. Have a good weekend!. Hugs. Barbxx

Mrs A. said...

Love your pretty card. I have that backing design paper or at least I did as I think I might have used it. Hugs Mrs A.

Cobnut Crafter said...

Beautiful card - such an elegant lady! Keep smiling, Anne x

Sarn said...

Oh PLEASE PLEASE KEEP BREATHING and EXISTING PJ (and keep your head down just in case an arrow comes flying of course).

Don't let them get to you, just keep smiling (even if your head is down)!

GRIN: Chuckling at Chris's comment about her audio typing job.

OMG: I nearly forgot to say how much I love your card! It's FAB - great masking and combining of stamp sets.

Hugs, Sarn xxx

Sandy said...

What a pretty image.

Greta said...

I absolutely love this card, Judy--modern & beautiful! You've brought back memories as the place I worked for most of my 20 years with the company became unbearable & just breathing got me in trouble at the end! Luckily, in the town next to me (same company) I was welcomed & considered a great employee! Guess who lost out--haha! Hoping you don't end up alone--although sometimes that sounds appealing!

kiwimeskreations said...

What a gorgeous card Princess J - sorry to hear about your work situation - never fun when everything turns sour like that :-(

Carole J said...

Such a beautiful card - I love that stamp, Judy. x

Karen Dunbrook said... this!

Bonnie said...

That sounds like a very stressful work environment, PJ! I think a walk in the rain is just what you need!