Sunday, January 11, 2015

Week Old Leftovers

This weekend I decided to poke around in some of the random boxes I have lying around and came upon some kit leftovers.  They are definitely much older than a week, or even a month, and possibly even a year.  At first I found them very inspiring and made this card.
I was impressed with the bold graphic feel to this card and couldn't wait to make another one.  I tried this and that and that and this and the other and then that thing and then some patterned paper and then back to that first thing and... eventually this card was born.
I didn't particularly like it at first but it grew on me, like mold, over the weekend.  It did, however, sour me on playing with the leftovers.  They really are mostly the kind dregs I should just add into my stash instead of keeping separate.  There are still several of these pre-printed silver and black card toppers left and I think that's why I haven't totally broken up the set yet.

The Fine Print: Top Card everything by Club Scrap "Big City, Bright Lights" kit; bottom card toppers by Club Scrap, absolutely die by Simon Says Stamp, other stuff from my stash.


Leslie Hanna said...

You do so well with kit parts. I do not, and that is why I do not buy kits. Not that this post is about me ... how did we get here? I hope you're feeling better!

Carol L said...

It grew on you like mold, eh? Girl, you are too funny!!! LOL I like both cards, and love the ribbon slides!! Great way to use up that stash!

Irish Cherokee said...

Two great cards for using leftover stuff. That second card would certainly make a great eye opener in the morning. LOL. Love it to pieces. - Jim

chrissy xx said...

Great ways to use up your stash lol.
LOve them.
Boy! can you tell it just how it is..So funny.
No 4!!