Thursday, January 29, 2015

Inhale Deeply

There is a smoke shop (they sell drug paraphernalia, don't let the name fool you) in town named Enhale.  Whenever I see that sign it just reinforces the stereotype of a uneducated hippie stoner too baked to be able to spell correctly.  When you are trying to pretend to be an upstanding, law abiding business I don't think this is what you want to project.
Then again, I suppose it might appeal to your target audience, who is probably so wasted that they'd spell it the correct way on accident. Dude.

The Fine Print: If you don't talk to your cat about catnip, who will? Really old stamps by Stampin' Up (oldies but goodies, gotta love the classics.  Dude.


butterfly said...

Oh dear... spelling mistakes AND drug paraphernalia all in one place - one for me to avoid!! Not avoiding the catnip card though - that makes me smile!
Alison xx

stampingbowd said...

LOL!!! You are so funny!!! My Storm has never had cat nip. She is a bit on the wild side, I am afraid of what might happen! Our old man Tiger used to love it! I like your kitty in pink!! Adorable step card!

Carol L said...

Far out maaaaaaan!!! LOL What a fun kitty with some good advice too! Love this amusing little card :)

MaryH said...

Enjoyed a smile thinking of a dude wandering into Enhale! Loved this step card - awesome. And what a perfect sentiment to go with the cute pink image. Great coloring - super papers! It's gonna bring a grin to whomever opens it. TFS & Happy wkend. Hugz

chrissy xx said...

One cute round cat lol...LOving your colours and a Brilliant step card.
Fun sentiment too.
See I'm No 5! x

Jessi Fogan said...

Our shop is called Purple Haze, lol! Suuuuure it's for "cigarettes" :) Love this kitty!

Leslie Hanna said...

I do love the SU classics, but I think this one is older than my SU time. If we have a head shop here, I wouldn't know about it.

About the Enhale thing. I wonder if those stoners are really, really smart and called it that to throw us off. And Blogger thinks stoners is misspelled. I think Blogger is high.

Joyce said...

This is very cute. Love all the pink, and cute coloring.