Thursday, January 8, 2015

Hoppin' Bananas

I got to play a little last night.  I used a cute stamp set that was waiting for me on my desk when I got home. I made this first card because I love bananas. Currently bananas are one of the few foods I can eat that don't make my tummy bananas.
Then I moved on to this cute little bunny because he is so sweet and went so well with the heart paper I had out.  I love those stitched circles. I need more stitched dies in my life.  Maybe the VD Fairy will bring me some.
The Fine Print: VD is Valentine's Day in case you couldn't figure that out. And of course the VD Fairy is real, don't listen to your mother.  I'll bet she told you Santa wasn't real either.  Stamps by Lawn Fawn, heart paper by A Muse Studio, and stitched die by MFT.


Carol L said...

Any card made with lawn fawn stamps is adorable, and both of these really are!! I love the stitched dies too, and need more in my life as well. The only thing holding me back is $$$$!

Unknown said...

Cute, cute, and more cute! I agree with everything Carol L. says too. Lawn Fawn has super cute sets and I too love stitched dies and just wish I had more $$ now to get some.

Squirrel x said...

Love both cards hun, the bananas are just so you! Bunny is super cute but I am so relieved you explained which fairy it is, my mind nearly exploded from boggling too much. Hugs xx

Leslie Hanna said...

Did you just hear me say, "Pffth, VD Fairy" ?!?!?! And those bananas are adorable! Nice coloring, too!

Janeen said...

i know the stitched dies the best. banana one is super cute, well bunny is too, love the heart on his bottom. or leg or whatever. --just so you don't feel alone, i went and acquired pneumonia cuz i didn't want you to feel alone being sick and all. --i knew something was wrong when i didn't feel like stamping.

Sarn said...

Two little cuties here PJ. Wandered over to see you. HAPPY NEW YEAR and all that jazz!

And it's okay . . . I never listened to my mother! Why would I? She's nuts!

Hugs, Sarn xxx

chrissy xx said...

FABulous Valentine cards..
What a cute bunch these Bananas are..
LOving the bunny too.

A Little Time said... cute! I love that stitched die, too!