Saturday, January 10, 2015

Not Dead Yet

Pretend I wrote something brilliant here.
The Fine Print: All the stuff is by A Muse Studio, except that blue spiral thing, which was a challenge item (get it before you know what it is and agree to use it).  I'm a sick puppy.  I do not have intestinal fortitude. If this keeps up I suspect I won't even have intestines.  ick.


fairy thoughts said...

Couldn't read the small print.... In the gym , on my phone ...... No glasses ha ha ....cute card and I'm not dead either

Di said...

Cute card PJ! I'm just recovering from a nasty bug during which I thought I'd end up turned inside out. It's wonderful when you start to feel better so hang on in there!

Hugs, Di xx

Sandy said...

So cute -- great use of that spiraly thing.
Hope you feel better soon.

Leslie Hanna said...

You left your death bed to post! I hope you feel better very soon!

Carol L said...

I'm pretending :) Cute card, and I love the ribbons in her hair! Get well soon, this has been going on long enough!

Georgiana said...

What a sweetie! Super cute!

stampingbowd said...

So so cute and check out the hair ribbons! LOVE it!

chrissy xx said...

What a sweetie she is! FABulous colours and I LOve bows in her hair!
Pretend I've written something nice here lol..seeing as it's Wednesday and you wrote this Saturday.