Wednesday, November 20, 2013

What's in Your Workspace?

I've had several friends point out to me that it has been well over a week since I've updated my blog.  Well, here is some earth-shattering news:  I know.  I could say I was being all anti-NaNoWriMo but I don't even know what that is except that involves writing in your blog every day this month.  I could say I've been busy but that would mostly be a fib.  I will say that I'll give you an update on the two wee problems (wee being 46" across, 16" deep and 6-feet high) I mentioned in my last blog post.  How about a visual instead?
Yep, got my my new bookcases in place. I just realized that for someone who hasn't done diddly these past few days I sure do have a lot of crafting stuff out and about.  There are bags of things to be taken to a stamp club meeting this weekend on an end table and the beginnings of a project to be taught on my big table.  The desk has a bit of randomness on it as well. I'm not even sure what all that is.  I'm not working on anything currently so what is it?!
The Fine Print: For some reason these new bookshelves seem to attract cats on top which is against the rules.  The rules being no cats over the husband's head.  If only he'd be nicer to them he wouldn't have to have that paranoia that they are out to get him.


Di said...

LOVE it PJP - and what a bad girl suggesting I didn't use DP on my card, snort it was actually as thick as card but who cares :(

I'll send you my twitching, gripping back if you ain't careful!

Come into the Snippets Playground and play. I dare you :)

Hugs, Di xx

Lunch Lady Jan said...

Woah, fab bookcase alert!! I'd love some like that to store my fabrics on...I don't know if my geriatric cats could mountaineer to the top quite like yours though! Do they bungee jump off the top when they've had enough? Or maybe zip wire down to the sofa? This could make one hell of a YouTube video ;-)
Hugs, LLJ 41 xx

Dianne said...

Hello Judy your shelves look fantastic all crafted up, blogging, just do it when YOU want to, having to post when you think you have too, isn't right, blogging is suppose to be fun not an obligation, a wise woman told me this and I felt lotsss better after, so no pressure.Just have fun. Happy WOYWW Dianne #60

fairy thoughts said...

I've heard cats are like that.
well done with the book cases.. they look.... established!
Have a great week
janet #34

House of Bears said...

We think the bookcases are filling up nicely, the best thing is the cat ornament on top ;)

sandysewin said...

Haha, I'm picturing the cats dive bombing your hubby as he walks by.

Dunno how you'll keep cats OFF those perfect perches except to fill that top part with (unbreakable) stuff.

Thanks for stopping by my blog and for the nice comments.

Happy creating and Happy Woyww,

Sandy #9

Lisa-Jane said...

My NaNoWriMo was the original version of writing 50,000 words in November so I was interested in the blog every day version but I couldn't do either this year.. Love the book shelves and the cats overhead :-) #45

Nan G said...

Love the rule. Funny how they never seem to know the rules! :)) I see the desk corner adornment kitty is still on place. Nice looking bookcases! Love all the storage they provide! FYI...I work on a project one at a time. Today the village, tomorrow the beads, and Friday the canvases. At least to start them. Then when creative inspiration is in full on mode, I work on one exclusively till it's done. Thanks for popping by. WOYWW hugs! Nan G #22

Mrs.D said...

What super bookcases, however if they were mine, they would be full of books. Material goes somewhere else, Cats have to be on top of bookcases, they are a superior race and the only way they can show it to some people is to be superior!! Bless them and bless you.
Chris #59

Krisha said...

Good to have you back PJ. New book case looks great.
Krisha #4

VonnyK said...

Great bookcases but naughty pussies. I'm with your hubby, I wouldn't want them up there ready to pounce :)
Have a great week.
Von #24

RosA said...

WOW, the bookcases look great! And I am picturing the kitties leaping from great heights with gay abandonment!

Eliza said...

Hi Judy,

Love that bookcase what a brilliant addition to your crafting space it looks really good. You do have an amazing room to craft in. It takes forever to create that area around you and moving things to another position to get it just right. So good for you such a huge improvement. I do love the shot with puss on top and then on the desk top he is such a handsome man.

Thanks for visiting and leaving a comment.

Happy WOYWW & Happy Crafting
Eliza & Yoda 1

Sharon Madson said...

Love the rule, no cats over husbands head!! Lovely new bookcases. I can see why the cats like them. :)
Thanks for sharing a peek!
Sharon #88

BJ said...

Love the cat rule, shame the cats don't abide by it! thanks for popping by BJ#51

Julia Dunnit said...

Thems handsome and quickly filled bookcases, you must be pleased. Obv, your husband won't be....cats..we will bow down to them yet. I'm sort of on his side too.
Your tables and desk are like mine then..covered in random and transitory stuff. Or crap, as my husband likes to out it.

Twiglet said...

What fab book cases - I would need a bigger room!! Your craft room looks fab. xJo

Becky Evans said...

Am so jealous of those fabulous bookshelves that hold so much. What decent purrfectly special cat wouldn't love to be on top of those? The Purrfect cat perch!

Claire said...

LOVE your bookcase!! Your kitty is THE perfect photo prop :)
Thank you for stopping by already - I'm rather late with my replies...
Happy belated WOYWW and hope your crafting week goes well :)

505whimsygirl said...

Hello Princess,

What a nice set of bookshelves! Yep, you filled them up rather nicely. I can understand the fear of a cat being above one's head..... tee hee

Thank you for visiting me already. I'm slowly making it around.

Happy belated WOYWW
Peace, Kay (6)

glitterandglue said...

I do like those bookcases - I'm afraid it wouldn't take me long to fill them, either!! Books, "stuff", ornaments.... you name it...!
Thanks for visiting. Well, yes, I'd willingly swing by and help out - but - er - I have this little problem - no passport!!! Behind the closed and blocked off door? Is it the naughty stair? A place for recalcitrant relatives? The answer is actually an awful lot of cobwebs, and all our Christmas decorations - it's the eaves space! But, rest assured, it will be opened up next Thursday in order to get everything out and start decorating the house for Christmas
Have a great week.
Margaret #20

lisa said...

Wow, your bookcase is amazing, love it.
Don't you think craft stash just has a habit of collecting in places all on it's own, I know mine does.
Thanks for stopping by already, it certainly feels like a jungle in my craft room now but if it saves my precious greenery from the cold I'll be happy.
Hugs Lisax #56

Neet said...

Hi PJ - love that bookcase. Can just imagine you taking something out I(and freeing a cubby hole up)and finding you can't put it back as a puddy tat has taken refuge there.
Hugs, Neet xx