Friday, November 8, 2013

Aspen Leaves and Random Musings

Why does Blogger suddenly think I'm my cat?  Whenever I'm called upon to enter my password there is Poppy in all her glory welcoming me to her blog.  I mean, my blog.  What the heck?!
Is there really a ghost in the house?  I keep hearing a door creeeeeaaak open down the hall like this is some sort of friggin' haunted house or something.  Either that or the cat is up to no good in the closet again.  I'm glad I'm not reading a scary book.  Don't read scary books around cats.  They totally mess with you, growling at unseen things, puffing up their fur, and bolting out of the room at double speed.

The Fine Print: I opened up a random box and there was this card in it.  I was going to say that I made this with the Club Scrap Natural Resources kit but really it was just hiding in that box.  The leaf is from PSX, the paper from my stash, the corner punch from Stampin' Up and the brown pearls from A Muse Studio.

1 comment:

Sandy said...

Those leaves are awesome.. I like the colour blends.
Sandy :)