Thursday, November 7, 2013

Weeze for the Cure

One time our office got a new employee in it.  She was from the outside world which might mean she hadn't worked in education before or it might mean she was gung-ho, perky, and not yet beaten down into a bitter shell.

As anyone who hangs out with me for a length of time, she learned that I have asthma.  Usually people find that out after they spray me with Lysol, wear too much perfume, or feed me something with suspicious sauce.  My asthma is controlled but some things will trigger it.

One day she came to me with her bright shiny perky face and big smile and told me that the Asthma Walk was next month.  "Oh, I didn't know," I replied.

"Yes!" she answered cheerily.  "It is much earlier this year."  Well, I didn't know that either, but I could see she was excited about something and apparently it had to do with the me. "So," she continued, "I'd like to be on your team!"

"My team?!"

"Yes, you know to raise money to help defeat asthma."

"Um.... I don't have a team.  When I want to defeat asthma, I use my inhaler."

Poor thing.  She assumed because I had asthma I was some sort of Asthma Activist, but no, frankly I'm just not that into diseases.  Luckily for her the other lady in the office developed diabetes and they did that walk together.  I gave 'em some money.  Bless 'em.

The Fine Print: Hubby always wants to do the heart walk that comes very near our house.  He wants to smoke and eat read meat while doing so.  Now that just might be a walk I could get into.  Especially if someone carried me.  Scarecrow stamp by Stampin' Up.


Krisha said...

OMG!!! that is hilarious! I really like your scarecrow cards, nice and bright.

Heather Binnie said...

I always like that you add content to your blog that always doesn't have to do with your projects. That's multi-tasking in the best way.

Sandy said...

Love the scarecrow.. So happy she got to do a walk for a cause.. LOL..
Sandy :)