Wednesday, February 27, 2013

What the Hell, Man?!

I don't seem to know where I put my camera off the top of my head and with the 32 seconds I had to look for it, so today you'll have to settle for a card made by my friend.
Yep, that's it right there.  She said she was trying to copy a design she saw in a magazine and didn't know if I'd much like this card.  Are you kidding me?! I love it! I love the happy spring colors and all the funky designs and the border punches are nice too.  When it is not squished flat to scan the butterfly is two layers and the wings stick up. It is very cool and I give it two thumbs up because I have thumbs.

You know who doesn't have thumbs?  My cat, Charles!  He is also lacking some whiskers because he irresponsibly put them inside my paper cutter when I was cutting paper.  Now that he has blunt cut whiskers he likes to come up and lean against me and poke them into me.  It is almost like he blames me for his putting his own whiskers in the paper cutter.  I mean, what the hell, man?!

The Fine Print: Thanks to HR for the great card.  The butterfly and border punches are by Martha Stewart.


Krisha said...

Your friends card is indeed a beauty!

fairy thoughts said...

two thumbs up indeed. had to laugh at the thought of you poor whiskerless puss.... well curiosity and all that
have a good week
janet #31 i think as Mr Linky has gone AWOL

Anonymous said...

I feel like we're the same person. I have a friend that makes cards. AND I have thumbs. AND my cats, Adam & Steve, don't have thumbs. This is crazy weird. ;)

RosA said...

Well the card is very nice! But I am smiling at the thought of Charles blaming you for his whisker trim!

Craftychris said...

What a gorgeous card your friend made! I have to admit I am smirking at your cats whiskers. Thank goodness it wasn't his tail! xx

butterfly said...

Poor blunt-whiskered puss-cat! But yes, entirely his own fault...
My first thought on seeing the card was: that's unusual for Princess Judy - so I'm happy to have my instincts confirmed... Lovely fresh spring card from your friend!
Alison x