Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Better than Motley Crue

One day back in the hair metal band 80's my mom opened the refrigerator and asked, "Who put a banana in the refrigerator?"  Well, it just so happens that I was going to eat a banana but it mysteriously disappeared, so I confessed that it was me.

"You know what happens when you put a banana in the refrigerator, don't you?"  my mom asked.  "It gets cold," was my answer.  But no, she told me that they turn black and went on to ask me, "Didn't you ever hear that song about how you can't put your bananas in the refrigerator or they turn black?"

Um.... no, mom, I never did.  I listen to Motley Crue, Def Leppard, and other hair metal bands and I'm pretty sure they didn't do that song nor was it on the top 40 radio.  In hindsight, such a song would probably be great for a thrash or punk band.  It sounds like a topic you could milk the appropriate 45-seconds worth of material.
Even better than Motley Crue or a song about black bananas was my mother singing to me when I was a child.  My mom is no singer, but she is my mom and that counts for something.  Her voice was soothing and calm.  Although her song material was a bit dark.  She would sing about how we had to tell Aunt Rhodie that the old grey goose was dead because of a toothache.  I loved that song and have great memories of her singing it to me.  Next time I get sick maybe I'll call her up and have her sing it to me.  Or not.  She may insist on driving all the way to my house if I'm sick so she can sing it in person.  Hey, that might not be bad, I could probably wrangle some of her homemade chicken soup out of the deal.  That stuff is awesome.
Here's an updated photo of my room so you can compare it to yesterday's disaster photo.  Is it looking any better?  I confess that it still looks pretty bad, but the carpets have been vacuumed and shampooed. I know it is odd to stop in the middle of picking up to vacuum and shampoo the carpets but that is a job that works best when I'm home alone and I had the house to myself last night.*

*Minus the cats, who don't usually complain about about the vacuum cleaner. 

The Fine Print: Another card from a Basic Grey card kit, perhaps even the same card kit as yesterday's card, who can say for sure?


fairy thoughts said...

very tidy, you have been a busy bee... cute story too. MY kids used to say (at a very young age!) dont sing Mummy!.... everyone's a critic

Craftychris said...

Now this a really cool card! Your room looks pretty cool too. Don't like the sound of cold black bananas though!! xx

Krisha said...

Hi PJ! Just checking in, your craft space is really taking shape, a clean one LOL. I am ready to do some spring-type cleaning to my area. Need to do it today as GDs will be here tomorrow and I need to get projects put away, or better yet finished!! I might start with the floor this time, I am always too embarassed to show it....LOL

Tracey Jean said...

Your space looks fully awesome to me. I've got a 6 foot folding table in front of the tv with an overflowing loveseat behind me.
Cute card too...