Thursday, February 7, 2013

The Queen of Excess

Last night I was sitting around the rubble of my living room, which is also my craft room, and I got to thinking...  which is always a dangerous thing for me to do. 

I was leafing though some magazines and deciding which ones to add to the 'for sale' pile and which ones to keep.  I found a lot of them that could go but held onto some real favorites and got to thinking about how much I used to look forward to getting the newest edition of an overseas magazine.  I would devour the magazine from front to back. I couldn't wait to try out whatever free gift came along that month. I would pull out the sample papers from the middle and make cards using them.  I often tried out whatever technique or idea they were featuring that month.  I really enjoyed the magazine and got my monies worth out of it.  I enjoyed it so much that I went and subscribed to another overseas magazine.  And then a domestic one.  Then another domestic one. And I would pick up yet a different overseas magazine whenever I encountered it locally.
After all, I enjoyed the one so much I should get FIVE TIMES the enjoyment out of five magazines a month!!  But, no, I didn't.  I was overwhelmed. I didn't have the time to dedicate to five of them that I did with one of them.  In fact, after that, I didn't have the time for the first magazine anymore.  I had enough time to glance at all of them.  Somehow it just wasn't that fun anymore.
And that describes my life as I do that a lot. I had so much fun with that one paper pack that I bought twenty more and had too much paper.  I loved that one daisy stamp so much I got three more daisy stamps and never used any of them again.  I enjoyed the company of that one cat so much I got two more.  The Princess is the Queen of Excess.  So what I was wondering as I sat in the rubble of my living room last night was, "How come I've never died of an overdose?!"  After all if that one pill makes you feel so much better, think how awesome you'll be after the whole bottle!!!!

The Fine Print: More Serenade kit stuff from Simon Says Stamp.  Good thing I never wanted to have kids, huh?


sandee said...

Me thinks you would have the onstart of Hoarders disease if you didn't have the ability to sell your, you have a wee problem, but just think, it could be so much worse! waving hi from the hills of North Carolina ♥

fairy thoughts said...

interesting logic there, maybe you do know when to stop. I am the same with magazines, but I limit myself to 2.... wish I could do the same with merlot and chocolate..... lovely cards great papers

butterfly said...

Well that stopped me in my tracks... not magazines for me, but crafty stash for sure! Time for a spending embargo, and time to shop the stash - thank you.

Oh, and cracking cards, btw - some of my favourites of yours, especially that first one - great colours and patterns to those banners!
Alison x

Craftychris said...

Fabulous card and a very funny post that I think a lot of us can relate too. I am definitely like that. I used to be the same with handbags until I had so many it stressed me out trying to choose! One day we scooped them up and took them to a charity shop - I feel much better just having a few. Please stick to one pill at a time!! xx

Sandy said...

Your cards are lovely I love the heart with the music score on it.
I get overwhelmed with color choices think that's why so many of my cards are Razzleberry and old olive, my favourite colors for cards. I don't get the magazines but my craft supply list of wants is getting huge.
I have just awarded you the Leibster award, pop over to my blog and check it out.
Have a great day
Sandy :)

Queen Lightwell said...

Lovely cards! And with logic like that, which I can certainly understand, it is a wonder you never overdosed! But I'm very glad you haven't as I really enjoy your humor and creativity. :)
And about the would have been like the old woman in the shoe, huh?! lol