Monday, December 10, 2012

Winter Wonderland

My Dear Readers, whatever will you do with me?  I just realized that I lied to you yesterday.  I would say "lied like a rug" but I don't actually know what that means.  In my house the rugs are always moving about and making lumps for you to trip over and as far as I know I haven't tripped anyone lately.  Just lied.
I said that I hadn't made any cards last week to share with you, but the reality is I have!  I mean, I have made cards not that I can share them with you.  I can't share them with you because I didn't take pictures of them and I already sent them anyway in the post.  I just wanted to clear the air there.  And set the record straight that I'm not having a crafting dry spell.  This card was from a recent workshop and utilizes one of those foamie shapes you see at the craft stores.  I know a lot of people collect them as opposed to actually using them so it is good to see those in use.  Or is that just me that collects?  dang!

The Fine Print: I got no credit for this as I have no idea.  Just roll with it.


butterfly said...

Definitely cute - love the embossed background... and you're forgiven for lying!
Alison x

Squirrel x said...

You? Fibbing to us? Naughty step for you missus! But as your snowman card is so darned adorable, I might let you off. Just this once mind. Sxx

Wendy Taylor said...

hey - I LOVE that card! ;-) hehe

I have just spent about 30 minutes wandering through your blog posts - OMG - I am laughing so hard - I got about a month back when I realized I hadn't been paying attention to the small print which was even funnier than the main post oftentimes - LOL!

I'm stealing a couple ideas and I will be in touch before the 16th cus I do want to order a couple things! :-)

fairy thoughts said...

have you been telling porky pies (cockney rhyming slang from London)
we forgive you as the card you did photograph is very cute.