Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Bits of Randomness

Yesterday I mentioned that I had indeed made cards recently, just hadn't photographed them.  Those cards came from a kit from Annie's Attic and were all Christmas themed.  The kit came with bits of randomness to make 8 cards.  I hadn't yet made all 8, so I sat down last night to finish them off. 

Above is one of the cards, however, in hind sight this looks more like a winter birthday card than a Christmas card.  Now if I could only think of someone besides Jesus with a winter birthday I'd be all set.
I inked the edges on this one.  How come when other people ink card edges it looks artsy and fabulous but when I do it, it looks like someone probably should have washed their hands before touching the paper?  This kit had such interesting patterns of paper that they insisted went together, so I just went for it.  It might be a bit too much randomness for me.
Here is another one with some die cuts.  One of the first cards I made they suggested doodling on the design on the pattern paper.  My first thought was, "Why mess with the design that is already there?"  Then I did it and it really made the design pop, so I tried it again here and liked it a second time. I may have to remember that trick for the future.  Sometimes you can teach this old dawg a new trick!

The Fine Print: All the stuff from a 2-year old Annie's Attic cardmaking kit (c'mon, you know you can't rush this stuff).


Squirrel x said...

Hmmmm, well done on finally using the kit! I think they are all very jolly cards, not my idea of a traditional Christmas, but hey, they are cheery, and your edging is fine hun, don't sweat it (says she who says the same time every time). Sxxx

Sandy said...

I really like your cards and the bright colors are just fab.. I think the doodling is great just adds that little something..
Merry Christmas
Sandy :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Judy! I love popping in your blog and seeing your projects - and also looooove your writing style! I can totally picture you talking and I know we would have some fun with a cuppa joe together. Have a wonderful Christmas! XO