Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Resist Technique

Recently a friend sent me a card made with the resist technique.  That technique has you heat embossing in clear ink and clear powder (or white) then sponging ink over the top of the image.  The embossed image resists the ink so you can buff it off.  Your paper gets the color you sponged and your image pops out.  Here is the card she sent me:
I was inspired by that to create this.  Okay, I confess that I was also inspired by a Club Scrap sample card but I thought to myself, "If the other Judy can do that technique, I know this Judy can too!"
That's my story and I'm sticking to it!

The Fine Print: Upper card by Judy Thomas, used without permission, but she sent it to me so she should know that I might use it for a nefarious purpose.  Bottom card by me, papers, brads, and cut out by Club Scrap "wild flowers" kit, botanical flowers by A Muse Studio, scrip stamp by Tin Can Mail.


butterfly said...

Love both of them... your friend's blue and white is so vivid, and I love your earthy neutrals... great cards!
Alison x

trisha too said...

Beautiful technique, and lovely cards from both Judies! Judys?

What is the plural of Judy???


Missed you this woyww, btw--tell Poppy hi, and Maggie is still smacking the kittens, but they've started smacking back!!!

Krisha said...

PJ I like yours the best ( no sucking up either) The earthy tones are always my favorite and I like the way your resist came out. Now, that's MY story and I am sticking to it!! LOL