Monday, December 31, 2012

Dear John Letter to Michaels

Thanks, but no thanks, Michaels.
Dear Michaels,
We've had a long relationship, you and I.  However, it is time for it to end.  It will be a new year with new beginnings, and a new Hobby Lobby if the gods love me so it is time to call it quits, you and me.

Michaels, let me explain it to you this way: it's not me, it's you.

Your selection is boring and repetitive.  Your rewards are ridiculously small and have such a limited time to use them.  Yet, dispite these shortcomings, I kept coming back to you.  However, today I've thrown in the towel.  I'm absolutely sick of your "bait and switch" advertising.  Your email promised me 50% off all Recollections stickers, paper packs, adhesives and other delights.  The signs hung throughout yiour store promised me the same thing. 

I browsed the display of Recollections jewels, adorned with signs promising me 50% off all Recollections stickers.  I browsed the display of Recollections paper packs, having to reach through a field of signs promising me 50% off all paper packs.  I made my selections and went to the register.

Every goddamn thing was full price.

WTF, Michaels?!

"You have to read the fine print," both the sales clerk and the store manager I demanded to see to told me.

"You shouldn't put sale signs all over displays of items that don't qualify for the sale" was my reply.

It's over, Michaels.  You've bent me over like your bitch once too many times.  Oh, and yes, you should read the fine print.... which isn't on the email period or the on-line ad until you click to "biggify" the item in question.  Well, Michaels, read my fine print.  It is at the bottom of every blog post I make.

The Fine Print: Michaels, fuck off.  Not more money from me.  Card stamps by Simon Says Stamp, Serenade papers and black letters by Basic Grey, border punch by Martha.


sandee said...

OH, you should put this post on their FB page,although they will just ignore it anyway. They really don't care, like most large corporations! That's why I prefer to shop with small business owners, preferably owned by women! I very rarely go to Michaels or Jo Anns myself. :) waving hi from the hills of North Carolina

Krisha said...

They tried this with me and I threw a fit at the register, and wanted the manager... and they gave me my markers and other Recollection items for 50% off.
Wish there was as Hobby Lobby closer, it's a 45 min drive to the closest one.
OH well....
Happy New PJ

Leslie Hanna said...

I found you from the WOYWW blog and came to read your Dear John letter.

I detest Mike's, but haven't gone as far as breaking up with them, yet. It's the only show in town. I do most of my shopping online and occasionally drop some cash at the LSS to help keep them in business, and because they are fabulous.

I haven't had the experience of not having a price honored at Mike's, but that would be enough to make me walk and never go back. I'd rather shop somewhere with more integrity, even if it costs more.

Di said...

Oh wow Judy - I don't blame you for voting with your feet :( I only visited Michael's in Santa Fe the once and thought it wasn't a patch on Hobby Lobby - plus they kept their waaaaay over-priced Spellbinder dies in a locked glass cabinet!

You asked about postage costs - over here a square card would cost the same as an oblong one to post so long as it will slip through a 'regulation sized' guage. Our postal service just loves to charge more for thicker letters and cards :(

Happy New Year! Hugs, Di xx

Shoshi said...

Lol Judy! What a way to end the old year!! I hope your new year and new relationship with Hobby Lobby is more successful! I must say you are fortunate to have such craft shops in the USA as we don't really have anything like it here in the UK.

Thanks for your awesome comment, and I am Truly Impressed that you have read my long, long post from beginning to end - proved by how you commented on everything!! Hope you were sustained by a glass of mulled wine and a mince pie.

It's been quite a year, and despite everything, when it came to doing my review post, I realised that I'd actually done quite a lot!!

Happy New Year, Judy!

May said...

Good for you Judy... I hope they read the fine print...We don't have Michaels here in the UK, But I have visted them whilst on Hols in Canada once...Never been to a hobby lobby store!! yet!!..

Wishing you A Happy New Year Judy...Hugs May x x x

Li'l Pidge said...

Brilliant....we don't have them in the UK.....if they treat customers like that they wouldn't last long!

Love your post, made me laugh out loud!

Sandy said...

You go girl.. You tell em.. I've got ya back..
(Aussie for I will back you up in your argument)
Yes think they expect people will buy and not check as everyone is in so much of a hurry..
Sandy :)