Sunday, December 9, 2012

Christmas Presents!

I guess I truly haven't made anything new to share lately.  I've been addressing Christmas cards in between finding stuff that the kittens swiped off my desk.  I did make this card this past week though.  I'm going to hold onto it as a good idea for future cards.
The front it rather basic and to the point.  The important part is the inside though.  That's were the action is at!
Ta da!  This would make a fun birthday pop up card too!  Boy I can't wait to finish these holiday cards so I can go back to my regularly scheduled card making.  Now if only those kittens would return that book of stamps they took....

The Fine Print: All the everythings except ribbon scraps by Stampin' Up.


Di said...

Oh Judy, you clever little sausage - a brilliant card and I love the surprise!

I know wotcha mean about wanting to get back to making 'normal' cards BTW :)

Hugs, Di xx

Sandy said...

I love the presents inside.. Looks an awesome Christmas card..Sandy :)

butterfly said...

Do you know... I rather suspect you of a little fib here - surely that can't be right that you've made nothing you can show us?!?
Ah... the benefits of catching up backwards...
And I have to say the pop-up presents are incredibly smart and cool - so not nothing anyway!
Alison xx

RosA said...

WOW, that pop up (or pop out?) card is great! Was it really fiddly to make?