Thursday, April 19, 2012

Under the Influence

I got rather sickly so I came home and took a cold capsule.  Afterward, I was going to post to Facebook "Goodbye, Cruel World!"  But I figured someone would take that wrong and dial up the suicide prevention people who would then come pounding on my door, which I wouldn't hear because I'd be in a cold capusule coma. So then they'd break the door down and haul me off to the hospital where they'd pump my stomach. Once I finally came around they'd be all, 'My God, Girl!  That was only one cold capusule?!  Just ONE? Not even the recommended adult dose of two!  You really are a light weight!"

And the only answer I'd have to that is, "Yeah, and those were the non-drowsy ones, wait'll you see me on the nighttime versions."

So at some point I made this.  It was easy to craft under the influence because my brain couldn't gather up enough power to convince me to change anything. I just puttered along adding one thing and then the next and it was done. No evil head to tell me I was wrong, or the colors were off, or I needed to sprend 3 hours looking for just the right embellishment.  It was rather freeing.  I'm not ready to become a drug addict for my art though.

Here's the Stampin' Up card I made the other night and Fido the Cat helped photograph in yesterday's post.  I mention it because I got two different emails asking about it. The stamp set is a new one, or will be a new one in the new catalog.  This is a sneak preview of it and you can order it this month or wait for the new catalog to come out in June.  Sorry, I don't remember the name of it.  The patterned paper is also a sneak preview called "Paper Smootches" and the yellow seam binding is daffodil yellow.  If you'd like to order this or find out more, hunt down a Stampin' Up demonstrator near you.  I really liked the paper and the seam binding (which is hot stuff right now) so I ordered it. 
The Fine Print: Sweet Stuff Card papers by DCWV "Sweet Shop" and stamps by Adam Prescott, freebies with this month's issue of Cardmaking and Papercrafts.  Yellow Card everything by Stampin' Up as far as I know, colors are daffodil yellow and Pacific Point blue.


Squirrel x said...

So that's where I got this darned cold from - reading your blog! I do wish you would be more careful with your germs lady. Great cards both Sxxx

Di said...

I've got that darned cold too! And you didn't even visit the playground to spread it around either.

Love those cards Judy!

Di xx

Georgiana said...

Hope you feel better! It is terrible whe noyu feel like YUCK!

Cute cards.
Carson's Creations

Sandra (Stamping For Pleasure) said...

Fab cards PJ . . . hope you feel better soon xxx

Princess Judy Palmer said...

Sorry! Hubby and I caught the cold from an author we visited at a signing on Sunday. I'm totally passing the buck!

Princess Judy Palmer said...

Everyone has this darn cold! It is the "in" thing. I'm not usually this trendy!