Sunday, April 1, 2012

No Foolin'

Today is April First, also known as April Fool's Day.  It is another one of those days that I don't care for. I guess partly why I don't like April Fool's Day is that I was taught to be honest so I don't get a day dedicated to lying to others.  It is also partly because I was the weird little kid growing up.  You know, the one who was often singled out to be taunted and picked on.  Days like April Fool's Day meant even the more polite kids had no problem making you the butt of their jokes for the day. 

The earliest April Fool's joke I can remember goes like this: My little brother and I were playing in the living room.  Our mother came rushing in to excitedly announce, "Kids! It is snowing outisde!"  I should probably point out that we lived in Ohio at the time, so snow in April was not unheard of.  Then again, we've had snow in Tucson in April before (no fooling, it was Easter Sunday to boot).  My little brother and I may have taken a glance at the window or we may not have.  The living room window had sheers so we wouldn't have been to see snow anyway.  Exasperated our mother insisted we get up immediately and come to the window in the dininig room.  Obediently, we trudged to the window.  We barely got a glance out before our mother started shrieking, "Fooled ya!  Fooled ya!  Haha April Fool!" in such a weird voice that we way more confused by that than by the lack of snow (which we hadn't even had time to process wasn't there).  So I'm thinking if you are a stay at home mom to little kids and want to play April Fool's jokes you're kind of out of luck.

PS... the hubby's family doesn't do April Fool's either being as some relative had the misfortune to die on April 1st and everyone laughed it off as a sick joke.  When the relative was still dead on April 2nd, all hell broke loose and April Fool's jokes were forever banner.  I married the right guy.

The Fine Print: Fool stamp by Magenta (from a stamp with a trio of fools), patterned paper by DCWV. No fooling.


Squirrel x said...

Well, who'd have thought it - a non Fool family, so pleased to hear it! Think your jester card is fab hun, love the quirky image and gorgeous colours. Oh, and the S word - yep, Snow. Hugs Sxx

Di said...

Wry smiles here Judy! AF Day was often a chance for bullies to be extra mean when I was a kid :( Def. seems like you married the right guy. Love your jester though!

Missing you in the playground - Mrs A is up to her usual mischief of course, BUT, if you go to her blog today - do take a look at her latest oil painting!


Jules said...

April Fool Day just comes and goes in our house too.

I wonder where the idea of such a silly day actually came from?!?!?

I do love your little jester though and your colour combo.

Love Jules xx

Sandra (Stamping For Pleasure) said...

April 1st was the date my Dad was cremated . . . it was a few years ago . . . nothing funny about it though is there!?