Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Lovely as a Tree

DISCLAIMER: This card is not an accurate representation of spring in Southern Arizona.  I have no clue what that blue stuff dripping down from the sky is and while we do have lots of things blooming here, they all seem to be yellow, which is really quite a shame since I'm highly allergic to the color yellow.

That said, um.... do I have to say more?  I could cop to this being an old card I sent to someone in a swap a year ago. Or I could be making that up just to confuse you, but I'm probably not.  I had Other Things To Do* last night so I didn't play so I don't have a new card.

*Other Things To Do may or may not have involved large gardening tools and the neighbor's yappy dog.  Or not.  Not the dog that is. I did have to trim a tree limb (wait, if it is frond off a palm tree can you really call it a tree limb?) before the landlord's hubby came along and hacked the entire tree to bits because he is kind of an idiot.  Or inept with large gardening tools.  Or both.  Or maybe because one of my neighbors who does not even live down that chuck of sidewalk wants the entire tree removed as it hangs its branches/fronds in the sidewalk.  It's growing folks, some day it will be so tall you'll forget you ever lost that eye walking into its branch/frond. And it's growing quite fast maybe because the landlord's hubby finally got the sprinkler system working okay in that chuck of dirt.  Or maybe the tree tapped into the sewer system. Or maybe because it is spring and things go crazy and grow in spring.  Like my waistline. Or the pointlessness of this post.

The Fine Print: Grass punch by Martha Stewart, circle chain punch by EK Success, and stamps by A Muse Studio/Artstamps. No yappy dogs were killed in the making of this post.  No neighbor has a yappy dog actually.  Well, no there are some dogs and they do yap sometimes but not enough to come after them with a large gardening implement.  Two palm fronds and many oleander branches were sacrificed though.

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