Friday, April 20, 2012

Club Scraps

Hello, My Name is Poppy and I'll be your guest columnist today because my mommy is under the weather.  Acktually since the weathers is in the sky, aren't we all under it?  I'm so 'fused!

Anyways, go figures this one out. Both my mommy and my pop pop are sick but I'm the one who had to go to the doctors and gets a fermometer stuck up my butt!  Then I gots two shots!  And din the doctor pick at my teeth! At least he didn't say I was fats, cuz I'm not fats.  I has big bones.

After we had a free hour nap, my mom got out her March Club Scrap kit to play wif. She hasn't played with Club Scraps stuff since she glued herself and everyfing else to her desk in Januarys.  She dent find it very inspiring and made this uninspired card. It gots some stamping on the inside to match the leaves on the outside, but it's kinda boring.
Then she got out some fun papers and made this one:
Then she made this one. It had a funny flap on it that she cut off cuz she didn't understand it. It didn't want to say shuts for its pickture.  When I gets off the computer moms prolly gonna look at the Clubs Scrap website for more inspirations.

The Fine Print: Club Scrap cardstock,ribbon, and card toppers.  Twine by A Muse Studio.  Patterned paper by Paper Salon.


505whimsygirl said...

Your mom should be proud! What a great guest post.

Cute cards!


Lunch Lady Jan said...

You should get your own back and get the humans' doctor to stick a thermometer in....their armpits, what did you think I was going to say?? Bad moggy .... :D
LLJ xx