Friday, March 2, 2012

This Title Makes You Want to Read This Post!

I have this stack of patterned paper in plastic containers that I call my "8-foot stack of paper."  In reality, it is only 4-feet high, but I could easily make a second stack  The 8-foot stack is not exactly the best storage method because what if the paper you want is in one of the containers near the bottom? Then there is a lot of shuffling around to be done and paper is heavy.  Even wanting something a couple of containers down is a pain.  Plus, sometimes you run into impediments along the way:
King of the Stack

I have but one not very exciting card to share today.  When I bought this stamp set I knew the stamp was rather large, but still I was surprised at how much so (you know, given that A Muse was known for its small stamps).  It is kind of fun though.  I will have to come up with something more inspiring than this for it though.  And that diagonal cut along the top of the image piece?  I totally didn't line it up in the paper cutter, but yeah, if I hadn't just tattled on myself, you'd have never known.

The Fine Print: The Black Cat AKA Jack O'Lantern (he's Irish) is proof that nature laughs at us.  Bird stamp by A Muse Studio, greeting by A Muse Artstamps, scallop border by Fiskars.


May said...

Love the card, at first I thought you had a accident with the trimmer, or too much red wine but looking again I love it!!!The King of the stack is such a handsome boy!! Hugs May x x x

Di said...

Brilliant Judy!

I thought it was deliberate - love the slant and the image is just perfect with the sentiment. Love the expression 'just tattled on myself' - snorts of laughter here :)

Have a super weekend.

Di xx

Gwen said...

Who is in charge in your house..your gorgeous cat of course!

RosA said...

Ha! Love the King of the Stack! But it's a good thing he is sitting atop your sturdy plastic boxes and not my huge pile of pizza paper storage boxes.
You know how you come across "Handy Hints for Paper Storage" and they say if you are LUCKY enough to be able to get hold of (new) pizza boxes they make wonderful 12x12 paper storage? Well, we were using them at work a couple of years ago, not for pizzas, for electronic parts, (naturally), and of course I got all the leftovers ... boxes, not pizzas. Well, you CAN make a splendidly tall cardboard tower out of them, but you ALWAYS want the box on the bottom, always! And any King of the Stack sitting on top of them would definitely squish them!