Friday, March 23, 2012

Bottle Cap and Tires

For those of you following along, you heard how I pondered running over a bottle cap to flatten it.  My hubby thought it was a bad idea and later took pliers and a rolling pin to a bottle cap to flatten it.  However, I still pondered running over a bottle cap to see the results.  I had people worried I would pop my tires--c'mon I bought these in December they still have LOTS of tread left--or worried that the bottle cap would become embedded in my tires--I always planned to put the bottle cap open side down.  No one worried that I might embed the bottle cap into the asphalt, but I guess folks realized it wasn't yet July so our asphalt hadn't reached its usual summer semi-liquid state.  There were concerns about dirt, grime, and tire tracks but I planned to cover the bottle cap with a cloth.  So today commenced THE GREAT BOTTLE CAP RUNNING OVER EXPERIMENT.  My husband laughed and took the bottle cap with him so I have no pictorial evidence of the outcome, but suffice to say it was very disappointing.  If you are looking to put a dent in your bottle cap then by all means, run it over.  If you want to flatten it, try something else. And here is what I made with my flattened bottle cap. And if anyone knows what brand of drink that cap is from, the husband is curious.

The Fine Print: stamp by Unity, wave punch by Fiskars, dot border punch by Martha Steward, pinking circle by Spellbinders, papers by Queen and Co. And yes, I know there are lots of tutorials on the web on how to flatten bottle caps, but running it over was more fun.  Next time I'll use my Big Shot. Or a mallet.  Or the husband's pliers and rolling pin method.


Georgiana said...

You sound like a true MythBuster. Which method will work best? Sounds like it was fun.

Carson's Creations

Julia Dunnit said...

Myth buster! Myth creator!! You are funny...I really wanted you to lay down a long line and embed them in the tyres to go clickers clacking around town for a while!!

Sandra (Stamping For Pleasure) said...

Can you run them through the Cuttlebug or Big Shot to squash 'em? Just a thought. Maybe not a good one! xxx

Princess Judy Palmer said...

I had "heard" you could run them through the Cuttlebug and/or Big Shot but having warped the rollers in my CB by trying out one of those techniques I "heard" about I was totally leery. Finally I looked up a tutorial on how to flatten bottle caps with your Big Shot. I gingerly tried it and it worked... on those unused bottle caps, like home brewers buy. It didn't work on the ones you've taken off your beer. I only have 2 of those unused bottle caps and a zillion of the used ones. I heard you could use a mallet, but now we've talking violence!