Monday, October 24, 2011

This is Not My Application to "Hoarders"

As I mentioned in yesterday’s post that some days all you can do is create a bigger and bigger mess.  Like maybe this one:
I think we discovered the source of my problem for not being able to create much yesterday.  This picture makes me chuckle.  I always hear crafters say that there is no way they would photograph their crafting space because they look like hurricane aftermaths.  Well, let me be bold and say here it is in all its glory!  Sadly, it is probably more often cluttered than it is clean.  There is a fine line about cleaning up your creative space though.  Too much cleaning and it intimidates you, but not enough cleaning and well, you have no place left to play.  And you can't find anything.  Here's my table:
See, no room left to play.  I almost feel like I should make a game out of it, sort of like "Where's Waldo?"  Maybe "Spot my favorite pair of scissors" or "How many craft tools can you name?"  How about this one: "Can you name the three brands of ink visible on my desk?"  Answer in the comments.

The good news is I spent 15 minutes before bed picking stuff up and now there is room to play again.  I didn't want to pick too much up because, 1-there is that fine line I mentioned and 2-I'm just going to get it out again.

The Fine Print: Rolltop Desk from American Home, office chair from Office Max, table from the defunct stamping store, and super cool stool (under the pile with the camera case on top) from Target.  "Stuff" from every place imaginable.


Frozenstamper said...

This my dear is gahgeous! It looks just like my place! If I clean it up I can't find a blooming thing! It's comfy, and cozy and fosters that creative spirit! TFS!

Sheela Will said...

I'm with Frozenstamper -- looks like my place! And I hate cleaning up too much because, like both of you, I can't find anything afterwards. Okay, the only ink I can see -- and it's upside down (as it should be) so this is a guess -- is, maybe, Memento Tuxedo Black???

Queen Lightwell said...

I can't see any ink! :O lol
I don't like to get it too clean, either, it tends to stump me for a bit...until I can get it a little messed up again.