Thursday, October 13, 2011

Fall 3x3s

First off did you notice that up there ^ is a tab labeled “Glossary of Terms.” That tab is to help those who don’t get all these weird terms us crafty people toss out.  I’ll add to it as things come up or I think of it.  I’ll gladly take suggestions too.

I made some fall themed 3x3s for a swap recently so I thought I’d share them with you.  So what is a 3x3 you ask?  Did you check my new tab?  Well, just to save you the trip I’ll tell you that a 3x3 is a mini card that is 3 inches by 3 inches.  The purpose of a 3x3 is to be a gift enclosure.  Once upon a time I took a class on making 3x3s.  I took it to spark my creativity more than for a love of gift enclosures (hey, you got a gift isn’t that enough?!).  It turned out that I really enjoyed making them, had a lot of fun and couldn’t believe how quickly different ideas came to me.  That said, I had a bear of a time making these.  I made the first one and liked it so much I wanted to make a card like it.  That didn’t work out and I ended up with this card from October 3rd instead after many, many different tries.  That kind of derailed my mojo for a bit.

The Fine Print: 1-Stamp by Stampin’ Up, papers by Debbie Mum, scrap ribbon; 2-stamps by A Muse Studio “Autumn Beauty” set, papers by DCWV, French Roast twine by a|s; 3-stamps by AMuse Artstamps, paper from DCWV, miscellaneous brads.

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